Animal Test

You can train like an animal with Animal Test. At least that’s what is implied when you read the name of this product. The purpose of Animal Test, according to Universal Nutrition, is to give you greater strength, growth, and size by increasing testosterone levels.

The makers of Animal Test claim that their product contains androgen receptors, aromatase inhibitors, and anabolic catalysts that are proven to enhance your performance in the gym and contribute to muscle gains even after your workout.

But that’s exactly what MyoRipped does so well. Can Animal Test really compete?

Let’s see how powerful this anabolic supplement really is.

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What’s Inside?

Animal Test comes in packs, and there are 21 packs per order. Users are directed to take 1 pack per day, which means one order of Animal Test should last around 3 weeks. Some ingredients in Animal Test are common, while others are less well known.

3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran: According to studies, this lignin has been shown to occupy SHBG receptors, increasing free testosterone levels.

Cissus Quadrangularis: One study showed that Cissus Quadrangularis can increase serum testosterone levels four-fold.

Resveratrol: This antioxidant helps to reduce oxidization and improve the effects of higher testosterone. Some studies also suggest resveratrol can act to inhibit the enzyme aromatase.

Agaricus bisporus: Studies indicate that Agaricus bisporus is an effective aromatase inhibitor.

Yohimbine: Often used to treat sexual disfunction, yohimbine has been shown to increase sex hormone levels.

Arachidonic acid: This bodybuilding ingredient has been shown to promote skeletal muscle growth.

BioPerine: Bioperine is a common ingredient in diet pills because it has been shown to increase the bioavailability of other ingredients.


It appears Universal Nutrition did their homework when creating the Animal Test blend. It contains proven ingredients that are likely to increase testosterone and give you greater performance in the gym.

Also, since Animal Test contains aromatase inhibitors, you don’t have to worry about experiencing an estrogen imbalance. Too much estrogen can cause serious side-effects, but Animal Test Takes care of that.


Retail price for Animal Test breaks the century mark. You can end up paying $106 for one container of Animal Test. Other online stores sell Animal Test for as low as $65, but you are still paying much more than you would for many other testosterone boosters.

Since many retailers sell Animal Test, you probably aren’t going to find a money back guarantee. Most manufacturers sell their product directly and offer a money back guarantee or trial period, but if you purchase Animal Test from a retailer and don’t end up seeing results, you can’t get a full refund.

Even though Animal Test contains anti-estrogen ingredients, there isn’t anything on the label that reduces DHT production. Increased testosterone can also boost DHT, which leads to faster balding and other side-effects.

What We Recommend

With the high price of Animal Test, we would be cautious if we were you. Chances are you will experience an increase of testosterone and enhanced performance, but without a money back guarantee you can’t actually be certain.

Many consumers claim to have greater energy in the gym after taking Animal Test, but not many experienced actual muscle gains. You might have higher testosterone and be able to lift more weights, but you probably won’t see groundbreaking results.

In the end, Animal Test doesn’t appear to be anything more special than half the testosterone boosters out there, but it costs much more. We would recommend finding something less expensive and more guaranteed, like MyoRipped.

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