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Testogenix may be new, but it’s already attracting a great deal of attention with its low price and advertisements claiming to “achieve unbelievable muscle building results.”

Testogenix is supposedly more than just a muscle builder. Manufacturers are adamant Testogenix increases libido, reduces body fat, and even reverses signs of aging.

Offering 12 clinically proven ingredients, Testogenix is one of the most comprehensive supplements for men I’ve reviewed.

Naturally I couldn’t help but be a little curious to see how this supplement lives up to the hype – is it worth the investment?

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The Ingredients

A few of the ingredients found inside Testogenix’s 1700 mg blend are as follows:

Cissus Quadrangularis. In one clinical study, body weight, body fat, and waist size all improved after participants were given cissus quadrangularis for 10 weeks.[1] Its most popular use is as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory.

Testosterone Advantage. I couldn’t find much third-party information about this ingredient, but advertisements describe Testosterone Advantage as a combination of fruits, vegetables, and legumes to improve testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid. An amino acid, D-asparate plays a key role in testosterone production. It triggers the release of gonadotrophin and luteinizing hormone for better muscle growth. After taking 3.2 g D-asparate, testosterone release in men accelerated.[2]

Maca Root. Maca root contains high concentrations of amino acids and sterols to increase energy levels throughout the day. It is also a popular male fertility booster. Men given 1,500 mg or 3,000 mg maca root over 12 weeks reported increased sexual desire.[3]

Eurycoma Longifolia. Eurycoma longifolia stimulates testosterone production, promotes muscle building, and improves male infertility. Multiple sperm measurements improved when men took 200 mg eurycoma longifolia daily. [4]

Avena Sativa. More commonly known as oats, avena sativa increases free testosterone levels in the bloodstream. It may reduce blood pressure by triggering the vessels to relax.

Banaba Leaf. While I couldn’t find much find much information, WebMD suggests banaba leaf keeps blood sugar levels in check and suppresses appetite.[5]

Resveratrol.: Resveratrol acts as an antioxidant, eliminating free radicals and reducing oxidative stress on cells. Studies suggest it reverses signs of aging; resveratrol reduced risk of cancerous tumors in mouse skin. [6]

The Side Effects

Because the ingredients inside Tesotogenix are completely natural and stimulant-free, the chance of experiencing negative side effects is slim.

However, if you think your testosterone levels are lower than they should be, it may be best if you consult your doctor before adding Testogenix to your diet to ensure you stay healthy.

The Price

Testogenix is sold through Testogenix.com for less than $60 a bottle. If you order in bulk, special discounts, deals, and promotions are offered.

Two bottles costs $79.95 and come with one free bottle of a supplement called Invigorate. For $109.95, three bottles can be purchased, along with 3 free bottles Invigorate HGH. When bought in bulk the shipping and handling fees are waived.

Returns are accepted within 90 days, and customer service is friendly. For a full refund of your purchase (minus shipping and handling), you’ll want to contact the official support team by phone: 1(877) 342-1224) or by email: support@testogenix.com.

Live chat service is available if you have any further questions.

It is also available at Supplementing.com for $57.99 per bottle.

The Results

Many consumers experienced a greater increase in energy levels within the first week of supplementing with Testogenix.

To begin, take 3 capsules a day alongside 12 oz. water. You’ll want to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet to receive the best results.

Note: Testogenix is not a steroid nor does it contain any hormones. If you were expecting steroid results, you’ll want to find a different product. Testogenix is an all-natural solution for boosting testosterone and will not test positive on a drug test.

The Verdict

While many consumers may be a little skeptical trying a brand new product, this supplement seems like a good option nonetheless.

It offers great ingredients for a great price, and though I don’t know the exact ingredient amounts, the proprietary blend should be large enough to ensure each ingredient gets ample coverage.

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Testogenix Customer Reviews

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  1. sd 10/01/2012

    works in so many ways for me – just ordered my third order!

  2. Fred J 10/11/2012

    if you feel weaker and feel like you need more sleep, try this for sure it’s good.

  3. gary 10/25/2012

    I can say it didn’t work as much as I thought. Good news is they gave me my money back so I was still happy with buying this.

  4. david 11/05/2012

    can u send me the customers review and testimony, then I can trust u r product.

    • Anonymous 11/06/2012

      hey david, we don’t sell products here nor do we give out free samples. We only review and recommend them by providing a link to the official site. If you want to try the product or read reviews, you can go to testogenix.com.

      • L Hamlin 11/10/2013

        DAVID only ask for reviews and testimony for the product not a FREE sample

  5. david 11/05/2012


  6. Brett H 11/15/2012

    Honestly, this was the stuff I was looking for. I can’t believe the difference, more energy, more sex drive, more muscle, burned fat, feel better than ever.

  7. Does this really work? 06/06/2013

    I just want to know if anyone can answer what specifics they noticed when this worked? Any help would be great, seriously considering this.

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