AlphaTestClinical trials are arguably the best way to determine the effectiveness of a product. If a supplement contains an ingredient that hasn’t been tested, it’s natural to be a bit skeptical. That’s how we feel about AlphaTest.

AlphaTest by MuscleTech is a testosterone booster that is designed to enhance your performance and give you optimal gains. The makers of AlphaTest claim that their product utilizes four ingredients that have been proven to work in human clinical studies.

Inside AlphaTest

A bottle of AlphaTest contains 100 capsules. Users are directed to take 2-4 capsules daily, which means one bottle can last up to 50 days. The ingredients in AlphaTest aren’t normally found in your typical testosterone booster.

MyTosterone: according to one study, Mytosterone can significantly increase testosterone levels and reduced DHT in males aged 37-70 years.

Boron Citrate: Though many researchers suggest that boron citrate can boost free testosterone, there are no official studies that support this claim or describe how the testosterone is increased.

Rhodiola Rosea: When the body becomes stressed from working out, it releases cortisol. Too much cortisol production can essentially shut down other body functions resulting in weight gain and other problems. Rhodiola reduces the production of cortisol

What We Like

Unlike many testosterone boosters, AlphaTest doesn’t contain tribulus terrestris. While tribulus has been shown to be effective at increasing testosterone for some, it doesn’t work for everybody. It’s good to see a product that allows you to try something new.

What We Dislike

Although AlphaTest contains ingredients that appear to be effective at increasing testosterone levels and reducing cortisol, the makers of this supplement fail to address other issues that are normally involved with increasing testosterone.

For example, when testosterone is increased, estrogen and DHT generally increase as well. MyTosterone has been shown to inhibit estrogen production, but only at higher doses (2000mg). AlphaTest only contains 800mg of MyTosterone.

Also, there are no ingredients in AlphaTest that work to reduce DHT levels. Side effects that come along with an imbalance of DHT and estrogen can include fatigue, hair loss, and weight gain.

The cost of AlphaTest can be a bit pricey as well. One bottle of this supplement costs on average around $50. You are likely to find other MyTosterone supplements for a lot less than that.

Lastly, consumer reviews tend to agree that AlphaTest does not work to increase testosterone levels. We realize that not everybody will have similar effects, but the general consensus is that AlphaTest is a dud.

Final Thoughts

First of all, AlphaTest doesn’t contain four ingredients that have been used in human studies. We found one, MyTosterone.

We have to lean toward the consumer reviews on this supplement. Although AlphaTest appears to have some potential with Mytosterone, it doesn’t appear to work for a majority of consumers.

If you have tried tribulus terrestris without success and are looking for something new, Mytosterone may be worth trying but not at $50. Look for something less expensive.

Also, you may want to try something will more proven ingredients and ingredients that help reduce estrogen and DHT, something AlphaTest doesn’t have. Despite the potential with AlphaTest, we suggest trying something else.

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