I’m used to seeing diet pills that burn fat with caffeine, but Andro400 is advertised to burn fat with testosterone!

The makers of this widely-popular testosterone supplement say it can also increase energy, strength, and stamina; and improve your sex life. But mainly, Andro400 is supposed to help men burn belly fat and build muscle.

If it uses proven ingredients, Andro400 could be effective and worth trying.

So, let’s find out more about the formula and see if Andro400 has what it takes to rank with the best testosterone supplements.

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Andro400 Formula

Andro400 only has one ingredient: Eurycoma Longifolia. This is a plant commonly found in Southeast Asia. For years, Malaysian men have used the root and bark to boost their sexual abilities and libido. In fact, this plant is in such high demand it’s on the “protected” species list.

Eurycoma is supposed to work by increasing IGF-1 levels, boost testosterone production, and inhibit Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin; allowing more free testosterone to stay in the blood.

If Eurycoma is effective, Andro400 could help men experience all the benefits of testosterone; including increased energy, libido, fat loss, and muscle gain.

Has Eurycoma Longifolia Been Tested?

There have been a few studies performed on humans, but I could only find one. A placebo-controlled study with healthy young men in a weight-training program found that men taking Eurycoma increased muscle mass more than men in the placebo group.

In addition to human research, many men continue to use Eurycoma and swear by it; saying it really does help them burn fat, build muscle, and have a better sex life. Eurycoma also continues to be a staple ingredient in testosterone supplements.

Does Andro400 Have a Powerful Dose?

Since there aren’t many human studies on Andro400, researchers haven’t determined an amount that is safe and effective. This is unfortunate.

The makers of Andro400 have used 300 mg of Eurycoma in each capsule. There is also a small amount of microcrystalline cellulose, rice powder, silicon dioxide, and magnesium stearate in each vegetarian capsule.

Is Andro400 Safe?

I haven’t found reports of serious side effects being caused by a low-dose of Eurycoma (e.g. Syntheroid has 100 mg); but the high dose in Andro400 might cause side effects for some people.

Without sufficient research, I have no way to know what the long-term effects of using Eurycoma are. The manufacturer claims that you can safely take Andro400 for as long as you want. But there is no published research to back up this claim.

Using Andro400

Each bottle of Andro400 holds 60 capsules and the recommended dose is 2 capsules (600 mg) a day. Since researchers haven’t recommended an amount, I don’t know if this is a good dose or not, so my only suggestion is that you take just 1 capsule for the first few days. This should help your body to adjust more easily.

The official website does not say when the best time to take Andro400 is, or if it needs to be paired with diet or exercise. If your only goal is to increase libido, it might be enough to just take Andro400 every day. But if you want to lose fat and build muscle, you will need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Customer Reviews

Although Andro400 is very popular, I could only find a handful of customer reviews online. They were all on a complaint site, so of course, they were all negative.

How Much Does Andro400 Cost?

Andro400 is listed for $39.95 a bottle on the official website. You can get it for $29.95 per bottle if you sign up for the auto-ship program. The company used to offer a 14-day free trial, but they stopped, saying 2 weeks wasn’t enough time for people to see if Andro400 works or not.

Andro400 is also available on for $40.99 per bottle.

My Recommendation

Although there isn’t a significant amount of human research done on Eurycoma, my research shows it is a valuable component of a testosterone supplement.

Andro400 looks like it has received divided results among consumers. While there is a lack of clinical evidence supporting or rejecting Andro400, I recommend waiting until science has had its say.

Have you tried Andro400? I would really like to hear your opinion of it. Feel free to share a comment below.

Andro400, 2.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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