Many who are looking to get the best cut, the biggest lifts, and the fastest muscle gain are certain to come across testosterone boosters.

Though AndroGel is only available through prescription, some may consider it as an alternative to Syntheroid and other top over the counter products.

Before buying into AndroGel, however, it is important that you learn what it uses to boost testosterone and how this can affect you in the long run.

It is also important to remember that dramatic increases in testosterone are not necessarily the best.

How to Use AndroGel

Using only as much or as little as your doctor prescribes, you apply the gel once daily, usually in the morning, anywhere on your shoulders, upper arms, or abdomen.

There is a warning associated with this gel to not let women, children, or anyone else touch skin that AndroGel has been applied to. This can cause serious effects, especially in children who have not achieved their full height.

Also, it is important not to go swimming or get wet five to six hours after applying this gel. For that reason, you should always shower before putting it on in the morning.

AndroGel Ingredients

AndroGel only has one very powerful ingredient: Testosterone USP. This ingredient automatically boosts the amount of testosterone in your system and creates the effects that can be felt from higher levels of testosterone.

However, it can also make your body react and start to produce more estrogen, thus counteracting the effects of higher levels of testosterone.

There are no other active ingredients because Testosterone USP is so powerful, but there are a few that are added as fillers.

AndroGel Side Effects

As is the case with most testosterone boosters that use extremely powerful ingredients, AndroGel has a very long list of side effects.

Though some are more serious than others, they include: braest enlargement and/or pain, decreased sexual desire, acne, hair loss, hot flashes, depression, weakness, painful urination, erections that last too long, and yellow or darkened skin.

It seems that some of these side effects counteract the effectiveness of AndroGel and the heightened levels of testosterone.

It is mentioned that you need to regularly check with your doctor in order to ensure that AndroGel is working adequately and not taking too much of a toll on your body.

Though it may seem convenient and easy to use at first, this extra effort makes the use of AndroGel somewhat impractical.

Recommendations for AndroGel

Based on the simple and powerful formula, we would initially think that this was a product worth considering. However, after inspecting the damage that can be done to your body as a result of the use of this gel, we would suggest looking elsewhere for a product that can more effectively help you.

Syntheroid has a good formula that is known for its effectiveness and minimal side effects. There is a lot of hype around this product for a good reason, and it is available over the counter.

Though any testosterone booster will have certain side effects, there is no need to put yourself in danger of those that are seen by AndroGel.

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