Looking for an extra boost of testosterone? You may be interested in AndroMen, a new prescription testosterone cream that is applied directly to the scrotum. AndroMen purportedly works by delivering bio-identical testosterone to the blood stream. Does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

In Depth Look at AndroMen’s Ingredients

AndroMen’s main ingredient is testosterone. According to the makers it is bio-identical to natural testosterone. An extra boost of bio-identical testosterone could help low testosterone levels if:

  • the testosterone in AndroMen is really bio-identical. I was unable to find any credible scientific evidence backing their claim of containing bio-identical testosterone and the fact that the product has gotten mixed reviews from users makes me skeptical
  • the testosterone is absorbed correctly into the body

Other ingredients include almond and macadamia nut oil (to help the cream absorb)

Does Andromen absorb into the body?

The big question with any testosterone cream product is how well it is absorbed into the body. It doesn’t matter how high quality a product’s ingredients are if they are don’t hit the blood stream. Most testosterone creams do not work, not because of bad ingredients, but because they are not absorbed into the body. The only ingredient proven to enhance the absorption percentage is Dimethyl Sulfoxid and unfortunately it is not in AndroMen. AndroMen is applied directly to the scrotum and according to the manufacturers is absorbed within 30 seconds. This sounds great, but we did not find any studies backing this claim and the fact that nearly all testosterone creams do not get absorbed into the body efficiently makes us skeptical.

Is AndroMen safe?

AndroMen is not associated with any serious side effects. As can be expected when you apply cream to such a sensitive area, there may be tingling or redness. Some users have complained of rashes. Other side effects include: increased aggression, acne, hair loss, frequent erections, and headaches. The manufacturers warn to not use AndroMen in conjunction with any other manly creams that you put down there. As with any prescription product, be sure to chat with your doctor before trying it.

Price and Guarantee Policy

AndroMen is extremely expensive at nearly $100 a tube plus shipping and handling. For a product with mixed user reviews, shelling out a Benjamin Franklin every month is certainly more than we would pay.

Considering AndroMen is a prescription product, not surprisingly we were unable to find a money back guarantee. Considering most of the effective testosterone supplements are backed by a guarantee, I have a tough time recommending a product that isn’t. A solid guarantee will ensure that you won’t waste your hard earned cash and it shows that the manufacturers believe in their product.


AndroMen may help boost testosterone levels, but I am wary of recommending it for the following reasons:

  • questionable effectiveness
  • extremely expensive (double the cost of most testosterone supplements)
  • the ingredients may not get fully absorbed into the body
  • there is no money back guarantee

There are much better testosterone supplements available without the high price tag and questionable effectiveness.

If you have tried AndroMen in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comment section.


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