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If you are looking for some help in the bedroom you are not the only one.  Millions of men have the same problems and it is becoming more common than people realize.  Part of the reason for erectile dysfunction is obesity and diabetes.  They are some of the common problems that can cause sexual dysfunction.  Since both diabetes and obesity are on the rise we can assume male sexual dysfunction will also be on the rise.  They say men with diabetes are four times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men without this disease.

Argionic Capsules which is a male sexual enhancement supplement, have entered the supplement market because male sexual dysfunction is one of the most common health problems affecting men and is more common with increasing age.

Argionic Capsules claims that they don’t promise to make a man’s penis bigger but instead they claim to make it harder, stronger and more rigid making sex more pleasurable.

Scientists even claim that the future treatment of ED is exciting and the potential relationship between ED and cardiovascular disease and risk factors may allow physicians to save a man’s life based upon his erections.

Can Argionic Capsules help make a man’s sex life more enjoyable?  Time to find out.

In Depth look at Argionic Capsules Ingredients

The ingredients found for this formula are:

  • L-Arginine–this is a proven ingredient to help men with erection problems.  It can make the blood  vessels expand and let the blood circulate especially in the penis
  • Yohimbine–an aphrodisiac which increases libido.  They claim when it is combined with L-Arginine it may reduce the complications of ED
  • Gingko Bioloba–an antioxidant that may help supply oxygen to increase blood flow to the penis
  • Maca Extract–an aphrodisiac
  • Tribulus Terrestris–a testosterone booster

Argionic Capsules states that is a 2002 study report in the Journal of European Urology, patients who took L-Arginine and Yohimbine, noticed a significant decrease in erectile difficulty, enabling them to maintain an erection without needing additional stimulations.

The studies sound encouraging but how do we know if these ingredients are strong enough to work in this formula?  We don’t!

Does Argionic Capsules Absorb into the Body?

We know that L-Arginine does get absorbed into the body but as for this formula that is an unknown factor.  With so little information on this male sexual enhancer we can only guess.

Is Argionic Capsules safe?

There are a few ingredients that may cause some side effects and some can be serious.  Yohimbine is an ingredient that has known to cause insomnia, panic attacks and hallucinations.  People with panic disorders should not take it because it may worsen their anxiety.  Also it may increase the risk of high blood pressure, abnormal heart rates, dizziness, skin flushing and in severe cases seizures and renal failure.

Price and Guarantee Policy

This is where the problems become evident with this male sexual enhancer.  It is not sold on the internet anywhere!  So, even if you wanted to try it you would be out of luck.  Of course, with no point of sale there is no need to worry about them offering a money back guarantee.  Does the word scam start rattling around in your head?


Argionic Capsules is a male sexual enhancement supplement that may have some effective ingredients but the main problem is it is not available.  Scam has been circling around  this review and you would be better off looking for an effective male enhancer on this website.

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