Axiron Review

Axiron Like other prescription treatments, Axiron is supposed to boost testosterone. However, this product is different because it’s “the only underarm testosterone treatment,” claims the manufacturer Eli Lilly.

Axiron was designed for men with low or no testosterone. It contains actual testosterone, which is a controlled substance, so Axiron is only available by prescription. Let’s see if this supplement is safe, effective, and worth buying.

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How Is Axiron Supposed to Work?

As a topical product, Axiron provides more testosterone through the skin. It should absorb into the bloodstream and begin circulating to increase testosterone benefits such as:

• Higher energy
• Stronger libido
• Better sexual performance
• Enhanced mood
• Improved weight management

Axiron was tested during a 120-day trial involving 155 men with low testosterone. 135 men completed the trial.

The men used 3 mL Axiron (60 mg testosterone) daily. After just 15 days, 72% had normal testosterone levels. By the study’s end, this percentage increased to 84%.[1]

Recommended Use

Axiron comes in a bottle with a pump and a detachable applicator. To use, remove the applicator and pump gel into it. Apply gel to armpits only. Shaving is not required.

The product doesn’t interfere with deodorant. Just apply deodorant 2 minutes before using Axiron. If you accidently apply deodorant after Axiron, throw the deodorant stick away.

Each pump (1.5 mL) contains 30 mg testosterone. Dosing varies depending on a user’s testosterone levels. For example, users with less than 300 ng/dL testosterone may be prescribed up to 120 mg Axiron daily. When you receive a prescription, follow the dosing instructions exactly.

Axiron can transfer to others. Wash hands immediately after applying and cover the application site with clothing once the gel has dried. Women and children should not touch the application site or clothing with Axiron on it. If contact is expected, wash armpits thoroughly with soap and water.

Potential Side Effects and Safety Issues

Axiron should not be used by women, children, or men with prostate cancer. Before using Axiron, tell your doctor if you have these conditions:

• Urinary problems
• Heart problems
• Kidney or liver problems
• Sleep apnea

It’s especially important to let your doctor know if you take insulin, medicines that reduce blood clotting, or corticosteroids.

Axiron may cause mild side effects such as:

• Breast swelling or tenderness
• Acne breakouts or increased hair growth
• Headache or depressed mood
• Changes in sex drive

If these serious side effects occur, stop using the product and call your doctor immediately:

• Problems with urination
• Swelling in ankles
• Frequent or prolonged erections
• Nausea, stomach pain, loss of appetite, or dark urine

Axiron is classified as a Schedule 3 substance because there is moderate potential for abuse and dependence.

User Reviews for Axiron

42 users left ratings and detailed reviews for Axiron on The average rating was 7.4 out of 10. Only AndroGel has received more reviews and a higher rating on the site.

Many users saw dramatic improvements in testosterone levels, energy, mood, and libido while using Axiron. However, several users were not thrilled with their experiences. Here were some common complaints:

• Testosterone levels decreased after using Axiron
• Axiron lost its effectiveness after a few days
• The gel is watery and messy
• It takes a few washes to remove Axiron from clothes
• Keeping Axiron away from children, women, and pets is difficult
• Axiron smells bad
• It’s expensive

There were more users who liked Axiron than who experienced these issues. Only a few users reported side effects.

How to Buy Axiron

You must have a prescription to buy Axiron legally. If you think it’s worth trying, talk to your doctor. Tell him or her about any medical conditions you have or medications you take. Then, he or she can help you decide if Axiron is a good choice.

The bottle holds 110 mL. 90 mL is testosterone and 20 mL is ethanol and isopropyl alcohol, which evaporate after application. Axiron contains about 73 pumps and most users are prescribed 2 pumps a day, so the bottle lasts around 36 days.

The cost per bottle varies, but is more than $200. has information about “Axiron co-pay savings,” which may help consumers save up to $75. Call 1-877-929-4766 to learn more.


Most topical testosterone treatments can be applied to the underarms; as well as many other areas. So, Axiron isn’t the only underarm treatment, but it may be the only treatment for just underarms.

According to clinical research, Axiron increases testosterone in most users. The same result was seen in user reviews. Some users didn’t like Axiron, but most only had good things to say about it.

The downsides are cost and side effects. Axiron may not be safe for everyone and may cause mild or serious side effects. The product is very expensive and might not be covered by insurance.

If you’re interested in Axiron, talk to your doctor. Or, if you want an affordable, natural treatment, there are many safe and effective testosterone supplements on the market.


[1] “AXIRON restored testosterone levels to the normal range in most men.” Axiron. Lilly USA, LLC.

Axiron, 3.0 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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Axiron Customer Reviews

Average Rating : 8 Reviews   |   Share Your Experience With Others
  1. Michael Addison 07/17/2013

    After using Axiron for more than a month I cannot see any of the intended effects. I felt as though I could have smeared butter under my arms and got the same effect. I did not do blood work St the end of the month to see if my T level showed improvement than measured before. I started out with applying to one arm. When I told my doctor of my results after two weeks I was told to double the appli stion. After two weeks of applying to both arms, Ido not see any benefit. I did notice a weight gain and became more depressed as a result.

  2. Homer Clause 09/11/2013

    Funny, for all the warnings they give regarding safeguarding others from accidental exposure, this is the messiest and most inconvenient product to apply!

    It’s a thin watery substance that they expect to be applied vertically only to a small area… its completely ludicrous.

    The effect is expected and the same as any other prescription testosterone treatment, but much of the dose is wasted due to the clumsy application process. A simple rub-on gel is much more practical.

    Shower/thoroughly dry/wait/apply deodorant/wait/apply Axiron/wait/clean up mess on vanity and floor/wipe off body where it ran all over/dispose of towel used to clean up the mess/get dressed/… it’s time consuming and impractical. And the chance of someone else coming in contact with it is pretty darn high.

    I’m no rocket scientist, but I can read directions.. even used as specified, this is a poorly executed product.

    I wouldn’t even give this one star if I wasn’t forced to.

  3. ebrown 02/06/2014

    worked for me better than any other thing.

  4. Chuck 04/29/2014

    I have been on Axiron for two months. And I could not be happier. My T levels today are 511. I have lost 18 pounds, and feel like I did 25 years ago. Started working out 4 weeks ago and have seen major positive results.

  5. Dale 08/14/2014

    Not sure what all the complaints are about…prefer this method rather an every two week visit to clinic to get a shot in the butt,,,after a few applications you get the hand of application….feel as good as when was on shots…have not had blood test yet to see what levels are,,.one more bottle then test…after it dries you don’t know you supplied it….scent is like alcohol and goes away after it dries…’s a bother but so is any medication or injection…but feeling great is worth it!

  6. Aaron 10/15/2014

    I have a rare genetic disorder that causes my testosterone levels to be low. I’ve taken everything from cream to patches to boost my T level. I had blood work done before and after taking Axiron. I was told by my DR to use it twice a day. After applying it twice a day for month, I could defiantly feel that I had more energy, and that my sex drive increased. I had blood work completed after the month and my Dr confirmed that my Testosterone levels were higher, in fact, he said they were a bit too high! I’ve since scaled down to once a day and I feel great!

  7. K 12/23/2014

    I can’t believe anyone comparing this to shots. Shots are definite – no loss. This stuff (axiron) has proven to be worthless in my case. Doc had me try this for convenience, and after 3 weeks, still no results at the maximum dose of 160. The price is ridiculous, even if it did work. Fortunately, it doesn’t, and I can go back to shots which DO work in my case. If you try this and still feel bad, don’t think there’s no hope – suck it up and try the shot approach. Oh, and the 200mg every 2 weeks isn’t the answer there, either, as testosterone half life is 12 days. Insist on weekly. Not cool, but for a quality of life improvement this is worth it!

  8. Steve Mote 11/23/2016

    Agree with others that the application is messy, but the price is the killer. Without a reasonable explanation regarding the high cost of Axiron, even $200 a month is completely outrageous, no matter how well it works.

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