Said to contain better athletic performance in a bottle, Test-HP is a new testosterone booster from Betancourt Nutrition.

According to advertisements, Test-HP includes some innovative natural ingredients that raise testosterone levels more effectively than competing products. But is there really a lot to be said about a trademarked ingredient?

I’ll investigate Betancourt Nutrition’s claims to help you decide if Test-HP is an effective, appropriate choice for your testosterone needs.

Who Should Use Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP?

Betancourt Nutrition describes Test-HP as an “aid in the maintenance of testosterone levels and muscle mass using ingredients that have vitality increasing, anti-catabolic, and stress hormone health properties.”

But what does that mean, and is it right for you?

Simply put, Test-HP increases testosterone with natural ingredients. It’s not intended as an alternative for testosterone replacement therapy, so if you’re suffering from clinically low testosterone levels, Test-HP isn’t for you.

Instead, Test-HP is best suited for men looking to improve athletic performance, body composition, and general health by increasing testosterone production. If that describes you, you’re part of Test-HP’s intended audience.

Now let’s see if Test-HP has the ability to deliver to that audience.

What Ingredients Are in Test-HP?

Test-HP includes 3 vitamins, 1 trademarked ingredient, and a proprietary blend. Together there are about 8 active ingredients in this product, with an impressive 3.3-gram total.

You can find the total list on Betancourt Nutrition’s official website, but for now I’ll highlight the following ingredients:

Vitamin D (5000 IU)

Vitamin D is perhaps the most effective supplement you can take for raising testosterone levels. Perhaps that’s why Betancourt Nutrition chose to include it in a 1250 mg dose—the largest dosage in Test-HP.

Vitamin D is also scientifically proven. In a 2011 study, men taking vitamin D saw both an increase in total testosterone and free testosterone levels [1]. Men in a placebo group saw no improvement.

Testofen (600 mg)

Testofen is a trademarked ingredient based on the herb fenugreek. According to proponents, fenugreek treats erectile dysfunction by increasing testosterone levels. However, some argue that fenugreek operates without affecting testosterone production.

These critics are supported by a 2009 study in which men taking fenugreek saw no changes in their hormonal profiles throughout the course of the study [2].

Testofen makers, however, say their unique fenugreek blend is clinically-proven to increase free testosterone [3]. Unfortunately, I can’t verify this as the study has yet to be published. It’s also hard to trust studies funded by a company with a financial interest in the outcome.

Test-HP Proprietary Blend (920 mg)

Finally, Betancourt Nutrition also includes a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients and chemicals to both increase free testosterone levels and mimic the benefits of greater testosterone production.

I’m disappointed Betancourt Nutrition chose to include so many powerful ingredients in a proprietary blend instead of listing the ingredient quantities. However, perhaps the blend is large enough to include each ingredient’s recommended doses.

Stinging Nettle. Stinging nettle may not sound like something you want in your body, but the root has properties that lower sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) [4]. Because SHBG binds testosterone and takes it “out of commission,” that testosterone can’t be used to improve muscle tissue. This makes stinging nettle a good addition to any testosterone booster.

Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola doesn’t directly promote testosterone production, but it does mimic testosterone benefits. As an “adaptogen,” rhodiola is able to help your body cope with mental and physical stress. It also prevents cell damage and regulates heartbeat, which improves both sexual and athletic performance [5].

Phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine improves athletic performance by preventing exercise-induces stress [6]. In this way, phosphatidylserine mimics some testosterone benefits without actually improving testosterone production.

7-Methoxyflavone (7-MF). Rounding out the formula is the aromatase inhibitor 7-MF. 7-MF decreases estrogen production, which allows more free testosterone to circulate through the body. However, you have to be careful with aromatase inhibitors like 7-MF—if you allow your estrogen levels to drop too low, sex drive may be negatively affected [7].

Nearly every ingredient in Test-HP is tested and proven effective for improving testosterone production. That’s something I like to see in a natural supplement. However, I’m concerned about the presence of a proprietary blend in Test-HP.

Why disclose some ingredient amounts and not others? It makes me worried that while Testofen and vitamin D may be included in their recommended doses, the ingredients in the Test-HP Proprietary Blend are not.

And because there are hardly any customer reviews posted about Test-HP, it’s impossible to turn to past users to fill in the blanks here. This is very disappointing.

What’s the Best Way to Use Test-HP?

Test-HP’s usage instructions are fairly straightforward. You can take Test-HP with or without a meal, as long as you take 3 capsules total throughout the day. This gives you some convenience by allowing you to choose when you take Test-HP.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules, so it should last a month if you use the maximum recommended dose.

Of course, you’ll see the best benefits if you live a lifestyle conducive to testosterone production in addition to taking Test-HP. For example, eating a diet high in “healthy fats” is a good way to raise testosterone levels naturally. Engaging in high-intensity exercise on a regular basis is also helpful.

Where Can You Buy Test-HP?

Test-HP appears to be a new product, so you’ll need to hunt for deals instead of relying on an aggregator like Google Shopping. On the official Betancourt Nutrition website, 1 Test-HP bottle retails for $59.99. However, there are a few better deals to be had elsewhere.

The best deals I found include:
Price: $33.99, or 2 for $65.99
Price: $35.09

Price: $38.00
Price: $38.95
Price: $39.29

Considering the discount availability, there’s no reason for you to pay full price for Test-HP.

What if You Need to Get in Touch With Customer Service?

If you do order from Betancourt Nutrition and need to get in touch, contact customer service by phone or by email. Phone hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time. The phone number is 1-800-541-0115.

Or, if it’s more convenient, go to and fill out an email form. There, you’ll have to specify what information you’re requesting, as well as specify your name, number, and email address. If you include your order number, you’ll be helped more quickly.

Is Test-HP Worth a Shot?

Test-HP contains some good ingredients, but the proprietary blend and lack of customer reviews left me too doubtful to recommend this product.
If you find an exceptionally good deal on Test-HP, it might be worth a shot. However, there are better testosterone boosters that use the same ingredients to greater effect.


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