BioEntopic Testosterone Cream

Have you noticed that your energy levels have leveled off? Is your libido not what it once was? Are you looking to increase your lean muscle mass? If you answered yes to any of these questions, an effective testosterone supplement can solve your problem. The trouble is finding a supplement that works (my research indicates only about 7 percent can make a significant differnce).

BioEntopic Testosterone Cream is the latest testosterone supplement to hit the market. Is it safe? Does it work? In this review, we’ll take you behind our research and analysis of BioEntopic Testosterone Cream.

In Depth Look at BioEntopic Testosterone Cream’s Ingredients

BioEntopic Testosterone Cream includes the following ingredients:

  • homeopathic testosterone
  • homeopathic human growth hormone
  • tribulus terrestris
  • estrogen blocker hormones
  • chrysin
  • homeopathic pituitary extract

HGH and tribulus terrestris are both solid ingredients that can make a significant impact when dosed (and absorbed correctly). The question with BioEntopic Testosterone Cream is whether or not you will get the full effect of these two great ingredients.

Does BioEntopic Testosterone Cream absorb into the body?

For the ingredients in BioEntopic Testosterone Cream to be effective they must be completely absorbed into the blood stream and go to to the pituitary gland. The problem with most testosterone creams are they do not get fully absorbed into the body. This is why the most popular testosterone supplements are all taken orally. So even though a cream such as BioEntopic Testosterone Cream may contain some quality ingredients, you won’t get the full effects of those ingredients.

Is BioEntopic Testosterone Cream safe?

BioEntopic Testosterone Cream is associated with some side effects including:

  • irritation, tingling, or redness at the site of the application
  • nausea
  • sweating
  • fever
  • vomiting

BioEntopic Testosterone Cream does not appear to be associated with any serious side effects.

Price and Guarantee Policy

BioEntopic Testosterone Cream has been discontinued by the manufacturer. When a testosterone supplement is discontinued, it is never a good sign because it means either:

  • the product was ineffective and thus not popular
  • the product was dangerous and needed to be pulled off the shelves

A two month supply bottle of BioEntopic Testosterone Cream for men and women can still be found online for around $25 plus shipping and handling. $25 isn’t much to pay for a testosterone supplement, but it appears that with BioEntopic Testosterone Cream you get what you pay for.

Not surprisingly we were unable to find a money back guarantee. Considering most of the effective testosterone supplements are backed by a guarantee, I have a tough time recommending a product that isn’t. A solid guarantee will ensure that you won’t waste your hard earned cash and it shows that the manufacturers believe in their product.


I am wary of recommending BioEntopic Testosterone Cream for a few reasons:

  • product was discontinued
  • the ingredients may not get fully absorbed into the body
  • there is no money back guarantee
  • potential side effects

There are much better testosterone supplements available without the big question marks.

If you have tried BioEntopic Testosterone Cream in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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