Blue Up

Some supplement companies use puns to describe what their product does. Blue Up, for example, is designed to pump you up before a workout so you can ‘blow up’ in the gym and optimize your performance.

Blue Up was created by Controlled Labs as a testosterone-boosting pre-workout supplement. There is a stimulant-free form of this supplement but we are going to focus on the original version of Blue Up.

What’s Inside?

One bottle of Blue Up contains 60 capsules. Users are directed to take 2 capsules before each workout, which means a bottle should last about a full month. The ingredients in Blue Up are quite common and are found in other testosterone boosting supplements.

Tribulus Terrestris: According to some animal studies, tribulus terrestris has been shown to increase testosterone levels by up to 52% but can also increase DHT levels, which can lead to an increasing rate of baldness. Human studies haven’t been as successful.

Eurycoma Longifolia: Numerous rat studies have been done using eurycoma longifolia which have shown an increase in libido due to increased testosterone, but no human studies have shown anabolic effects.

Oat: While no official trials have been conducted on Oat as a male enhancement ingredient, observations of increased testosterone have been reported.

Caffeine: Since Blue Up is meant to be taken before a workout, caffeine is included to give you the energy and focus to optimize your performance.

What’s Missing?

The three ingredients listed above are natural. Even though they haven’t been successful in the lab, they are contained in many successful supplements and should work to increase testosterone levels.

The problem with Blue Up is what it doesn’t contain. For example, when testosterone is increased, there are other changes that occur in the body.

Ironically, estrogen levels are increased when testosterone is produced. Higher estrogen levels, especially in men, can lead to increased weight, fatigue, and loss of sex drive.

DHT increase is another side effect of boosting testosterone. The most common side effect of DHT is male pattern baldness. When you increase testosterone and don’t take a DHT inhibitor, you are setting yourself up to lose your hair.

Our Suggestion

While Blue Up contains ingredients that are common in other testosterone boosters, they are hidden in a 1100mg proprietary blend. Tribulus terrestris is usually only effective in doses around 750mg and eurycoma longifolia requires about the same amount. 1100mg does not seem to be sufficient to give you desired results.

Customer reviews back up this argument. Because of the caffeine and other stimulants, most consumers reported experiencing a crash after their workout. Most users also claimed to have felt no real results.

We advise staying away from Blue Up. It contains some proven ingredients, but in small amounts. The caffeine appears to lead to side-effects like nausea, headache, and jitters and the lack of DHT and estrogen inhibitors is bound to lead to other adverse effects. We recommend trying something else.

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