Advertised as “the king of testosterone support!” manufacturers promise A-HD Powder is second to none when it comes to raising testosterone levels.

But should A-HD Powder really be treated as royalty and put above all the other testosterone boosters or is it just a commoner with an inflated sense of self-worth?

I researched A-HD Powder to see if there’s any reason to choose it over competing supplements.

A-HD Powder’s Ingredients

Ingredients make or break health supplements. If the ingredients aren’t effective, the product isn’t effective. To help you raise testosterone production, A-HD Powder provides nine ingredients in one proprietary blend.

Safflower is found in many weight loss products and ensures a healthy cardiovascular system.[1] While it’s possible safflower’s effect on the cardiovascular system may boost vascularity, the ingredient’s effect on physical performance or testosterone is unproven.

Flaxseed is rich in acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is converted into omega-3 fatty acids. Consequently, flaxseed helps lower cholesterol and improve overall cardiovascular health.[2]

In addition, some clinical studies show flaxseed helps lower androgen levels in males.[3] Lower androgen levels tend to promote more free testosterone in the blood which can be used to develop more lean muscle.

Blepharis was shown in a 2012 study to be a bronchodilator, thus improving airflow and delivering oxygen to the blood quicker.[4] With highly oxygenated blood and tissue, blepharis facilitates better athletic performance.

Ginger root was shown to increase testosterone production in rats.[5] Furthermore, ginger has thermogenic qualities and speeds fat burn.

Turmeric is a curcuminoid that improves the digestion and metabolism of fat.[5]

Indian kino tree is traditionally used to treat inflammation and diabetes. Modern studies show the ingredient lowers blood sugar levels,[6] which improves overall health but does not directly improve exercise or testosterone levels.

Artichoke improves digestion and contains strong antioxidants that protect the body from infections.[7] While artichoke benefits overall health, there is no evidence it affects testosterone production or fat burn.

Yohimbe bark. Many athletes use this ingredient to enhance training. A recent study found yohimbe bark improves athletic performance and can treat impotence.[8] However, there is no clinical research showing a correlation between yohimbe and testosterone.

Yohimbe bark is known for its dangerous side effects and is even banned from certain countries.

Propolis is a honey bee secretion that studies show significantly increases testosterone in animals.[9] It also contains strong antioxidant properties.

While BPI may talk big about A-HD Powder, the formula is somewhat disappointing. Most of the studies on these ingredients were done on animals, not humans. In fact, only flaxseed has a clinical study performed on its effects on humans.

Also, while some of the ingredients may affect testosterone production, even fewer are targeted at eliminating subcutaneous fat and water retention.

What About User Reviews?

Regardless of A-HD Powder’s questionable ingredients, the total formula gets great reviews. Currently on, A-HD Powder has a high score of 9.2 out of 10 from 137 user reviews. Here is a sample of what users are saying about the product:

Armylos24 believes A-HD to be “one of the best if not the best test boosters I’ve ever used.”

Chrisnlax37 states that “I am on week 6 using this product and I have had good results. I recover quicker and am stronger because of it.”

Dusty31 simply says that he “would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to pack on some serious muscle.”

While A-HD Powder may not work for everyone, it appears many are happy with its results.

Are There Potential Side Effects?

A-HD Powder’s official website fails to list any possible side effects. Nevertheless, some ingredients are known to cause negative side effects. Many of them can cause bloating, diarrhea, and nausea.

Of particular concern is yohimbe, as it can cause skin flushing, rashes, dizziness, hallucinogenic effects, and raise your risk for seizures. Also, in doses of 100 mg or more, yohimbe is can cause heart attack, stroke, and even death.

How to Use A-HD Powder

Take one scoop daily each morning by mixing it with 8 ounces of cold water or preferred beverage.

A-HD Powder must be taken on a full stomach so take it after eating breakfast.

Where Can I Buy A-HD Powder?

A-HD Powder is available at various brick and mortar health stores at various prices. If you’re shopping online, the best deals are at the following vendors:

• $24.99 for one 112 gram tub
• $29.99 for one tub
• $30.95 for one tub

Alternatively, you can purchase A-HD Powder directly from BPI for $56.99.

Is There a Guarantee?

BPI provides a 30-day money back guarantee on A-HD Powder, though it’s a bit limited. Here are the requirements for a return BPI provides on its website:

1. Product must be purchased directly from BPI
2. Product must be unopened
3. Product must be received by BPI within 30 days of purchase
4. The original packaging slip is required for reimbursement[10]

Also note that there is a 15% re-stocking fee for any returns from Consequently, you will probably get a better guarantee elsewhere.

So Should I Try A-HD Powder?

While there is nothing in A-HD Powder to justify its claim to testosterone booster royalty, it doesn’t look terrible. The ingredients aren’t very impressive, but you can’t overlook the amazing user reviews for A-HD Powder.

But if you want a testosterone supplement that is the entire package, you will have to look elsewhere.


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