Ever feel like you’re close to finishing before she’s even gotten going? Premature ejaculation is one of the most common (not to mention embarrassing) sexual problems a man has to deal with. Some men have mental techniques that they use to delay the inevitable, but there might be a better solution to your problem. Dapovar is a male enhancement supplement that promises to help you deal with this embarrassing problem.

How does Dapovar work?

Dapovar uses ingredients that increase serotonin, the hormone that is often called the “happy hormone” because it boosts and balances mood. Unfortunately, a by-product of increasing serotonin is that you actually cause your neurons to fire more rapidly and frequently, gaining better control of brain processes. It’s been scientifically noted that one of the results of this is greater sexual stamina and improved ejaculation time.

Dapovar Ingredients

Dapovar contains:
Graffonia Seed Extract-commonly known as 5-HTP, this ingredient boosts levels of serotonin, and improves mood. Can delay ejaculation and increase sexual stamina.
Folic Acid-helps improve sperm count and sperm quality, and regulates mood.
Passiflora-aka Passion Flower. This herb is used to treat anxiety, worry and restlessness.
Kava Kava-for memory, reaction time, mental stimulation and restlessness.
Vitamin B6-regulates mood and aids with production of Serotonin.

The problem I have here is two-fold. First, only one ingredient, 5-HTP, has any clinical backing. The other ingredients are what we could call “fluffy,” or ineffective.

Another problem we see is that Dapovar does not provide any dosage information along with the ingredients. It’s hard to gauge how effective Dapovar will really be without this crucial information.

Does Dapovar Absorb into the Body?

Dapovar takes roughly 10-14 days to start working. You are instructed to take Dapovar once a day until you see visible results. Once this happens Dapovar is meant to be taken only once or twice a week for maintenance.

Is Dapovar Safe?

As far as we can see, Dapovar is completely safe and free of side-effects.

Price and Guarantee Policy

Dapovar can be purchased as follows:
$29.95 for one bottle (one month supply)
$79.95 for two bottles (along with one free bottle)
$139.95 for three bottles (along with three free bottles)
Along with these affordable prices, you receive a 60-day money-back guarantee. This is a pretty generous guarantee since Dapovar is meant to start working within 10-14 days. This means that by the time you get close to your guarantee expiration, you will be well into the maintenance phase Dapovar. If you haven’t seen the results you want during these 60 days, you will be able to return your purchase for your money back.


Dapovar is fairly inexpensive for a one month’s supply and you should know by week three if you’re keeping it or returning it and getting your money back. We pause at the lack of ingredient dosage information and clinical ingredients as well as customer testimonials. The only testimonials we were able to find were on the official site, which as a rule we do not trust.

If Dapovar is really so great, why aren’t men raving about it all over the internet? For $30, it may be worth ordering. With the money back guarantee, there is no risk to your wallet. If you order, don’t get too excited (getting too excited is the problem you’ve been trying to avoid after all), we can’t guarantee that it will actually work.

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