Endurex is a male supplement designed to support male sexual functions and improve prostate health.

There is no official website for Endurex, but the product is sold by many different on line retailers. Endurex is manufactured by Lifetime Essentials, a U. S. company.

The information about Endurex is somewhat limited. Finding user reviews have been few and far between; either no one is using Endurex, or the users are shy about giving their opinions online.

Anyway, there is no claim made about Endurex helping give stronger erections or increasing penis size, only that it promotes sexuality and wellness.

These maintenance-level claims are fine if you want a mild supplement, but they’re nothing that popular products like Alpha T1 can’t give—Alpha T1 even delivers bodybuilding enhancement alongside a greater libido.

In Depth Look at Endurex Ingredients

Saw Palmetto– is an herb that has been used for centuries in the treatment and prevention of prostate conditions. These conditions tend to affect men in their middle-ages, and more so in the elderly.

L-Arginine– is a common ingredient in many male enhancement supplements because it helps stimulate the production of nitric oxide, a natural compound necessary for erections.

L-Alanine– an amino acid that may contribute to the contraction of muscles.

LGlutamic Acid. HCL– an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body that is generally recognized for its power as a neurotransmitter

L-Lysine– extensive research has shown that the combination of this amino acid with zinc increases the volume of produced sperm, beneficially influences the quality of semen and directly stimulates the level of testosterone hormone.

Korean Ginseng– is the most stimulating form of ginseng. It is used to increase stamina, decrease fatigue, and give a boost to their libido.

Jujube Fruit– is a Chinese traditional medicine used for treating stress, and encouraging sleep.

Ginkgo Leaf-is an effective weapon against impotence.

Fatty Acids– are the building blocks of prostaglandins, low levels of prostaglandins may contribute to abnormal sperm and lower fertility. Prostaglandins also boost the sperm’s ability to penetrate the egg.

Does Endurex Absorb into the Body?

Endurex can be absorbed into the body, but only when used consistently. If taken daily for the duration, you may see some benefits.

Is Endurex Safe?

Endurex is reasonably safe with normal use. The directions state to use one to two tablets daily. This should be done consistently to be most effective.

There may be some mild side effects with the use of the ingredient Saw Palmetto. Reported of headaches, diarrhea and an upset stomach have been mentioned.

You are not supposed to mix Endurex with other medications that have the same or similar ingredients in it. Consult a physician before starting this supplement.

Price and Guarantee Policy

There is no money back guarantee and it is not returnable. The price for a one month supply (60) tablets is around $25.00 dollars. There is no official website for Endurex, but it is sold on many retail websites.


Endurex may offer some health benefits, but there is no clinical evidence to support the claims that the product will increase sexual pleasure or improve prostate health, unlike Alpha T1, which gives both.

There is no claim to increase the size of the penis, give better orgasms, or anything specific. The only claims to increase sexuality could mean a variety of things.

The company does not offer a guarantee, most companies who back their product with a guarantee are confidant that it works. Just some food for thought.

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