When you are ready for sex, you might not want to take a pill then watch the clock for the effects to kick in! Elexia offers you the option to have sex anytime by using it on a daily basis.

That way, when the opportunity arises, you are ready! It may cost you a little more if you want that option though. Most male enhancement supplements work by the clock, in 30 mintues, an hour and sometimes up to two hours until the effects kick in.

With Elexia, you can control the amount you take, however often you want to have sex. Its formula contains many of the top male enhancement herbs that work together to increase your penis size, firmness and staying power.  

In Depth Look at Elexia’s Ingredients

There are some fantastic natural male enhancement ingredients in Elexia’s formula. Namely Tribulus terrestris, which  is used in competitive male enhancing supplements, to increases the production of testosterone. Yohimbe, a common herb used for centuries all around the world by men as a natural aphrodisiac. Other ingredients used to widen blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penis, which will give you a harder, larger erection.

The  formula consists of :

  • L-arginine, Siberian Ginseng (root extract), Oat Straw Extract,  Horny Goat Weed,  Sodium Bicarbonate,  Niacin (Vitamin B3), St. John’s Wort (whole plant),  Yohimbe Bark  and Tribulus terrestris fruit

Does Elexia Absorb into the Body?

Elexia should absorb into the body within one hour after taking two tablets. If you want to be more spontaneous, you can take two tablets daily to have a better chance of being ‘ready’ on the spot. You will obviously go through Elexia faster if you chose to use it as a daily supplement.

Is Elexia Safe?

There are some concerns about Elexia’s side effects and safety. You should not use Elexia if you have any type of medical condition, especially heart, blood pressure or depression.

The ingredients in Elexia, although they are natural, can have detrimental effects on your health if you are taking any kind of prescription medicine.

The ingredient Yohimbe can elevate your blood pressure. Elexia can cause skin sensitivity to UV rays. You should contact your doctor if you plan on taking Elexia.

Price and Guarantee Policy

Elexia is sold directly from Wellgenix/Heaven Sent website for around $40.00 for 60 tablets. The makers, Wellgenix/Heaven Sent does not offer a money back guarantee.

But they do offer a kind of swap out offer. If you are not satisfied with Elexia, you can return it, along with your sales receipt dated 30 days from your purchase date, by certified mail to Wellgenix/Heaven Sent and they will send you another product of your choice.

It is claimed by Wellgenix/Heaven Sent that they stand behind their products with confidence but I believe if they really did believe in their products they could give a better offer.


The ingredient list in Elexia contains some high quality male enhancement herbs that have been used by men for ages for erectile dysfunction issues. There are amounts of some ingredients that are not disclosed, that makes it hard to evaluate how effective Elexia may really be.

The price is a little high if you choose to take two tablets daily to have it in your system if you want to be ready for sex anytime. Or if you are conservative and only have sex a few times a month, you only need two tablets one hour before sex.

So how often you want to have sex determines Elexia’s value. There is no money back offer, only a product swap if you are not satisfied with Elexia.

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