One user said of EPIQ Test: “If you are looking for a product that actually works then this is for you. This product is easy to take and it is very effective. After just one cycle I saw significant gains in strength and muscle mass along with improved energy levels everyday” (cpoff25; GNC.com).

However, another user said: “I took this for 8 weeks. I saw no improvement whatever. For the price, I’m very disappointed” (augiemosco; GNC.com).

With such conflicting customer reviews, I had to find out more about EPIQ Test.

Makers of EPIQ Test

EPIQ is a supplement company that declares “Clean is powerful.” With over 26,000 likes, it’s a relatively well-known company. EPIQ makers claim all their products are free of banned substances, artificial colors and dyes, and undeclared ingredients.

If you’re loyal to other EPIQ products, you’ll be more likely to buy EPIQ Test. But, trust for a company alone should not be enough to warrant a buy. Let’s find out if EPIQ Test lives up to EPIQ’s name.

Under the Lid of EPIQ Test

EPIQ Test features a lineup of ingredients you’ll see in most testosterone-boosting supplements. Here are a few of the main ingredients:

Boron Citrate (200 mg; 5% boron). Boron produces mixed results: in one study, 11.6 mg increased free testosterone levels, but in another study, 2.5 mg had no greater effect than a placebo. [1] [2]

Doses over 20 mg a day may cause infertility and poisoning. [3] As boron citrate is composed mostly of citric acid, the boron amount in EPIQ Test is fortunately less than this, about 10 mg.

Stinging Nettle (100 mg). Stinging nettle’s main function is to improve prostate health by treating enlarged prostate symptoms. Furthermore, it inhibits estrogen-promoting enzymes, which could raise testosterone production. [4]

Fenugreek (50 mg). In a study, men took 500 mg of the testosterone-raising plant fenugreek for 8 weeks. The extract significantly improved upper and lower body strength and body composition. However, there is much less fenugreek used in EPIQ Test than the study, so I’m not sure it makes the same impact. [5]

EPIQ Test Potential Side Effects

Generally speaking, the ingredients in EPIQ Test are safe to use.

As I mentioned, boron could cause poisoning in large amounts, so be sure not to take more than the recommended dose of 1 caplet per day. According to WebMD, fenugreek could cause stomach upset, allergic reactions, or lowered blood sugar.

Raising testosterone might cause irritability, aggressiveness, or other mood changes. If you have any medical conditions, talk to a doctor before using EPIQ Test.

EPIQ Test Price Value

EPIQ Test is $79.99 at GNC.com—with a price this high, EPIQ Test better perform well. You can also find it for $38.00 on Amazon—significantly less expensive but not a steal of a deal.

Fortunately, though, EPIQ Test lasts for 2 months while many testosterone boosters last only 1.

Many positive reviews on GNC.com seem to say it’s worth the price; however, there are enough negative reviews to make me question whether EPIQ Test is a good value.

EPIQ Test: The Bottom Line

EPIQ Test has a solid formula with clinically proven ingredients, but nothing to put it on a pedestal. It’s not a bad buy, but it’s not the best testosterone booster I’ve seen.

If you’ve tried EPIQ Test, leave a comment and share your opinion!


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