EST Test Drive EST Test Drive is designed to enhance libido and muscle strength by amplifying testosterone production.

While many testosterone supplements are marketed for older men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, EST Test Drive is targeted toward men of any age.

To see if EST Test Drive delivers strength and sex drive, we examined the ingredients in its formula. We looked at the quality and quantity of the ingredients to evaluate effectiveness. We also took into account customer reviews to get a better picture of EST Test Drive’s overall value.

EST Test Drive Ingredients

The ingredients in EST Test Drive are listed as proprietary blends, making it nearly impossible to determine if ingredients are provided in effective dosages.

TRIBuzine Blend (Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Blend)

Each serving of EST Test Drive supplies 700 mg TRIBuzine.

Tribulus Terrestris is a common ingredient in testosterone boosters. One study showed tribulus terrestris increased testosterone production by 52% in primates. The scientists who conducted the experiment concluded tribulus would also be effective in increasing testosterone in humans, although to a lesser degree. [1]

Another study found rugby players enhanced fat free mass and strength by taking tribulus. The proprietary blend that contains tribulus terrestris is about 700 mg, which is an effective dose for increasing body testosterone. [2]

TESTApro (Maximizing Testosterone Primer)

TESTApro includes 500 mg of the following ingredients.

Indole-3-Carbinol is a hormone balancer commonly found in vegetables. It removes toxins from cells and bolsters immune system health. [3]

The effective dose is 200 mg indole-3-carbinol. It is possible there is 200 mg indole-3-carbinol in the blend TESTApro.

Tongkat Ali increases testosterone levels in animals. Unfortunately, no human studies have revealed a proper dose for humans. [4]

3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran binds sex hormones to treat the symptoms of prostate damage. Prostate damage is often associated with erectile dysfunction. A helpful dose is 120 mg taken 3 times daily. [5]

EPO-vol (Natural Red Blood Cell Potentiator)

EPO-vol features a blend of 200 mg of the following ingredients.

Beta Vulgaris, derived from beets, increases available nitrous oxide, a supplement that supports muscle building. There is limited data about dosing for human subjects. [6]

L-Carnitine HCL recovers male fertility. The effective dose is 500 mg, which is more than the proprietary blend contains. [7]

Icariin boosts testosterone circulation and slows death of penis cells. The accepted dosage is based on weight. A 200-pound man needs to take 1814 mg (far more than is contained in the proprietary blend) to receive any benefits. [8]

What Do Consumers Think About EST Test Drive?

Beta testers of EST Test Drive reported increased libido and energy in the gym and in the bedroom. One user experienced larger testes and claimed to feel like a “sex machine” after weeks of decreased sexual desire. Another user set several personal records in workouts during the course of his beta test. The average rating for EST Test Drive was 8.5/10.

Is EST Test Drive Worth the Price?

From the evidence above, EST Test Drive appears to be a quality product with quality ratings. A couple of ingredients, such as tongkat ali and beta vulgaris, have questionable doses, but the majority of the ingredients appear to be present in effective amounts.

EST Test Drive costs between $33 and $43, depending on the vendor. Each bottle supplies 120 capsules. The label instructs users to take 4 capsules daily, so each bottle lasts about a month. Consequently, the daily dose costs between $1.10 and $1.43.

The recommendations from users and quality ingredients make EST Test Drive a good choice for men with low libido.


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