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Extenze HTAccording to Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc, their product Extenze HT is supposed to provide four benefits:

• Increase Testosterone
• Increase IGF-1
• Increase Muscle Mass
• Increase Energy & Vitality

How well Extenze HT provides these benefits depends on how well it’s made. I’ve heard about Biotab before because they make Extenze; a popular male enhancement product. But I decided to dig deeper and see just how good the company and their newest product really are.

Biotab Background Information

Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. makes Extenze HT as well as Extenze for Men, Extenze for Women, Alteril, and Fiberweigh.

The Better Business Bureau gives Biotab a C+ rating. The reason is because 381 complaints have been filed against the company in the last 3 years. Here’s how the complaints break down:

• 164 complaints about billing and collection issues
• 134 complaints about products
• 73 complaints about advertising and sales issues
• 8 complaints about delivery issues
• 2 complaints about the guarantee

One reason Biotab receives so many complaints may be their marketing method. The company used a negative option cancellation. This involves sending unsolicited products to consumers on a monthly basis. If the product is not returned within a certain time frame, the consumer is billed for it.

What’s in Extenze HT?

GABA (100 mg) – stimulates growth hormone production.[1] An increase in growth hormones triggers the release of IGF-1.

Pregnenolone (25 mg) – a naturally-occurring hormone. It is the precursor to all the body’s steroid hormones; including testosterone. Pregnenolone supplements may improve memory and energy, but research doesn’t show they boost testosterone.

DHEA (50 mg) – a hormone and precursor to testosterone. One study shows it enhances muscle growth.[2] There are no studies proving DHEA increases testosterone.

Fish Oil (50 mg) – contains 33% EPA and 22% DHA. In one study, fish oil reduced Sex Hormone Binding Globulins, but researchers don’t say by how much.[3] If the reduction was significant, fish oil would have increased free testosterone levels.

Rosemary Extract (5 mg) – contains antioxidants, which prevent free radical damage. It also reduces estrogen in mice.[4]

Are Safe, Effective Dosages Used?

When ingredients are tested, researchers find optimal safe and effective dosages. Let’s see what dosages are found in Extenze HT…

In the GABA study, participants were given 3,000 mg daily. Extenze HT does not contain close to this much.

Since pregnenolone has not been proven to increase testosterone, I don’t what the safest, most effective dosage is. WebMD says there isn’t enough information to know if any oral dosage is safe. Pregnenolone may cause side effects such as insomnia, irritability, anger, anxiety, and acne.

Participants in the DHEA study took 50 mg before going to bed. One Extenze HT serving contains the right amount.

There isn’t a proven dosage for fish oil because study participants didn’t take a supplement. Instead, they got fish oil from their diet. What and how much participants consumed each day is unknown.

Since rosemary extract was tested on mice, there isn’t a recommended dosage for humans.

Are There Any Side Effects?

I couldn’t find any consumer reviews, so I don’t know if people experience side effects while taking Extenze HT. However, the bottle label says these are possible side effects:

• Acne
• Hair loss
• Hair growth (in women)
• Aggressiveness
• Irritability
• Increased levels of estrogen

Recommended Use

Biotab recommends taking 1 Extenze HT softgel in the morning with 6-8 ounces of water. Each bottle holds 30 softgels, so it lasts 30 days.

The company does not make any other suggestions. But I recommend doing regular strength training. Not only does this naturally increase testosterone, it also builds muscle mass and strength. And if Extenze HT increases testosterone, this should enhance your muscle growth and strength, too.

Buying Extenze HT

Extenze HT does not have an official website. It is not currently listed on Biotab’s official website either. However, there are several places to buy it online:

• GNC.com: $39.99
• CVS.com: $39.99
• eVitamins.com: $31.96

Since these retailers don’t offer money back guarantees, you try Extenze HT at your own risk.

The Official Website and the Guarantee

Biotab.com is very limited. There is one page with brief information about the company. The products the company makes (except Extenze HT) are displayed on a banner. But no product descriptions, product details, or contact information is given.

This is the contact information according to BBB:

• Address: 301 North Lake Avenue, Fl 6, Pasadena, CA 91101
• Phone: 800-419-4447

The only product Biotab guarantees is regular Extenze. The guarantee is offered on Extenze.com, but details are very limited.

Should You Buy Extenze HT?

Extenze HT is supposed to increase testosterone, IGF-1, muscle mass, energy, and vitality. However, I doubt it’s the best testosterone supplement for the job. The only ingredient included in a safe, effective dosage is DHEA. It’s proven to increase muscle growth, but not testosterone.

None of Extenze HT’s ingredients are proven to increase testosterone. They are proven to provide other benefits. But since the proven dosages are not used, these ingredients will probably be ineffective.

I’m skeptical Extenze HT is a safe, effective testosterone booster. The company’s poor reputation only adds to my skepticism.

I don’t recommend buying Extenze HT. You can easily find better testosterone supplements made by reputable companies.


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[4] Zhu, BT, DP Loder, et al. “Dietary administration of an extract from rosemary leaves enhances the liver microsomal metabolism of endogenous estrogens and decreases their uterotropic action in CD-1 mice.” Carcinogenesis. 19.10 (1998): 1821-7.

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