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Did you know that GrowTropin HGH is the “consumer’s top-rated HGH releaser of 2011” and the “#1 Trusted HGH releaser”? At least according to the GrowTropin HGH manufacturers… Not surprisingly, we only found these titles about GrowTropin HGH on its own website.

GrowTropin HGH is the latest HGH releaser to hit the market. Does it work? We are going to take a closer look and find out.

Something to bear in mind, however, is that HGH is often associated with some pretty scary side effects. If you’re sensitive to stimulants, a product like TestoRipped that focuses on boosting testosterone levels instead might be more up your alley.

In-Depth Look at GrowTropin HGH Ingredients

• Alpha GPC
• Gaba
• L-Arginine
• L-Dopa
• L-Glutamine
• L-Isoleucine
• L-Tyrosine
• L-Valine
• L-Lysine
• L-Leucine

The Pros

GrowTropin HGH has a decent collection of ingredients that could help stimulate natural HGH production. Alpha GPC purportedly can purportedly increase HGH secretion through the pituitary gland. L-Isoleucine and L-Valine can help reduce the muscle recovery time so you can get back to hitting the weight room quicker.

The Cons

There is little credible scientific evidence backing the majority of the ingredients in GrowTropin HGH. Questionable effectiveness equals questionable results.

Another big Con is that the manufacturers fail to provide the dosage of the different ingredients in the product. For a testosterone supplement to work, it must combine effective ingredients at the proper dosages. Years of reviewing testosterone supplements have taught us not to trust that the manufacturers have included the proper dosages. GrowTropin HGH may in fact be dosed correctly, but since there is no dosing information provided, we are forced to blindly trust that it works. Frankly, we don’t think you should get your hopes up.

Is GrowTropin HGH Safe?

GrowTropin HGH appears to be free from any serious side effects. Just be sure to drink plenty of water in conjunction with the product.

Price and Guarantee Policy

The biggest Con to GrowTropin HGH is its ridiculously high price. One bottle will set you back $110 (plus $8 or $16 shipping and handling depending on where you live). There are some bulk discounts available, but in order to get substantial savings you need to spend $300 (this will lower the per bottle price to $60).

GrowTropin HGH comes with a decent guarantee. Our only complaint is that 30 days from the purchase date is not a sufficient trial period, considering there will probably be 10 days for shipping. The GrowTropin HGH website says that“Every purchase of GrowTropin HGH comes with our 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you use GrowTropin HGH and aren’t satisfied with the results, simply return your one empty bottle (we want you to use our entire clinically proven product) and any additional bottles from your order unopened and in resalable condition within 30 days, for a full refund (less shipping).”

Unfortunately, this guarantee does not look quite as great as the makers of GrowTropin HGH would have you believe.


GrowTropin HGH reminds us of a $20 Big Mac at McDonalds. Big Macs are pretty good, but we definitely would not spend $20 for one. GrowTropin HGH is a decent testosterone supplement that can help increase HGH production, depending on how the ingredients are dosed. However, it is ridiculously overpriced. Paying $105 for a bottle of GrowTropin HGH is like paying $20 for a Big Mac.

There are much better testosterone supplements out there for a fraction of the price, such as TestoRipped.

If you have taken GrowTropin HGH in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comments section.

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