How to Naturally Increase Testosterone

Whether you’re a dedicated muscle builder, an athlete, or just an average Joe trying to get into better shape, testosterone plays a key role.

increase testosterone

But with age comes a drop in your testosterone. It leaves a lot of men asking how to naturally increase testsoterone?

You’ll find a lot of supplements out there with many testosterone supplement companies claiming their version of the testosterone supplement will give you increased muscle mass and strength while intensifying your workouts.

But with a few changes in your diet and exercise routines, along with a supplement, you can safely and naturally raise your testosterone levels and continue to see the benefits of healthy testosterone no matter your age.

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How Can I Naturally Increase My Testosterone?

1. Look for a natural stimulant: Supplements that contain natural ingredients like zinc and magnesium pose little risk of side effects but definitely encourage the pituitary gland in the brain to up its testosterone production.

It’s also important to look for plant extracts like Eurycoma Longifolia, a very common among testosterone booster that has been proven effective in naturally stimulating testosterone production.

2. Lift Heavy: Resistance training is one of the most beneficial ways of naturally boosting your testosterone levels and higher weight, fewer reps is more beneficial than light weight, more reps. You can even alter hormone production by changing your rest time between sets.

In a study published in the Journal of Strength in 2010, resting 90 seconds between squat and bench press sets was shown to increase post-workout testosterone levels the most when followed by 120 second rest period. Resting 60 seconds is good for increasing HGH levels but increases testosterone the least. [1]

3. Stay Away from Foods that Spike Blood Sugar: It has been proven that 75 g of glucose (and the following blood sugar spike) is enough to decrease testosterone levels by as much as 25%!

It’s also important to remember that it’s not only ice cream and snicker bars that convert into blood glucose, there are many carb choices like breads, pastas, cereals, etc that convert into glucose when they’re digested. [2]

What is a Testosterone Booster?

First of all, we’ll start with the basics. Testosterone is a natural hormone found in both men and women, but produced in higher amounts in the male testes. Its purpose is to aid in the development of reproductive tissue as well as build muscle and bone mass. Testosterone levels decrease with age, which explains why it’s so hard to keep weight off despite how much you exercise or diet.

Testosterone boosters are designed to stimulate the production of testosterone and, in turn, boost energy, intensify workouts, increase endurance, improve sexual performance, and build lean muscle.

What Are the Benefits?

Increased testosterone has been shown to increase muscle and bone mass. Also, if you are an older male who has lost energy and gained belly fat, some studies have shown that testosterone can, in fact, restore your youthfulness and destroy that excess fat. However, it’s important to keep in mind that testosterone supplements come with the risk of increasing estrogen levels, developing male pattern baldness, and lowering fertility rates so if you’re ready to take the plunge into the testosterone unknown, here are a few tips to increase testosterone levels naturally.

Final Thoughts

Naturally increasing testosterone is much safer and just as effective as taking anabolic steroids (which just so happen to be illegal and very dangerous). Despite the potential risks of natural testosterone boosters, if you do your research beforehand and follow the directions on the label, you really don’t have anything to worry about and beneficial results should soon follow.


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