5 Tips to Increase Libido

Does your sex drive feel like it’s in first gear? Maybe you’re stuck in neutral?

“Many, many men — about one in five — have such low sexual desire they’d rather do almost anything else than have sex,” says sex researcher Irwin Goldstein, MD, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

increase libido

Aging and health-related problems can play a major role in low libido; but often, sex drive varies based on factors you can control like stress, alcohol and lack of physical activity.

Before you let your sex life suffer any more, try any or all of these 5 tips to increase libido naturally and put the spark back in the bedroom. While these tips won’t work for everyone, they’re easy enough to try.

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1. Try Aphrodisiacs

There isn’t a magic potion that instantly increases your virility and sexual desire, but trying out aphrodisiacs can be fun and sensual. Some are even backed by more science than you might realize.

The classic example is oysters, which are high in zinc and dopamine. Zinc prevents aromatase from turning testosterone into estrogen. It is also essential for fertility and sperm production. Dopamine is a hormone known to increase libido.

Other well-known aphrodisiacs are celery, bananas, and avocados. Celery has androsterone, a hormone that is released through male perspiration and rumored to turn women on. Bananas are full of the bromelain enzyme, which is thought to reverse impotence and enhance sex drive. Last, but not least, avocados have vitamin B6, which increases male hormone production.

2. Massage

You may be able to do many things under stress, but performing well sexually is probably not one of them. A relaxing massage–whether given or received–can work wonders for your stress levels and sexual arousal. Optimize the setting with soft lighting and soothing music before you start the massage.

3. Moderate Your Drinking

increase libidoOne drink may help you get in the mood and reduce your anxiety and stress. But at the end of the day, alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. The more you drink, the more your performance in bed will suffer.

According to Men’s Fitness, too much alcohol can lower your libido, cause erectile dysfunction, and interfere with your ability to have an orgasm.

And even if alcohol doesn’t numb your sex drive, inebriation could be a turn-off for your partner, WebMD adds.

4. Use a Testosterone Supplement – for Guys

Nothing kills your libido like low testosterone levels. About 28% of men with low testosterone also had low libido, found a 2006 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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Fortunately, researchers have discovered several natural substances that can boost testosterone levels and increase libido. Here are a few of the best:

Fenugreek – Increases the bio-availability of free testosterone
Eurycoma Longifolia – Boosts testosterone levels and inhibits SHBG
Tribulus Terrestris – Directly increases testosterone production
Horny Goat Weed – A well-known sexual enhancer
L-Arginine – Increases nitric oxide, which is a vasodilator

These proven substances and more can be found in testosterone supplements. To find testosterone supplements that cater specifically to male enhancement, read more reviews by clicking here.

5. Stay Fit

increase libidoA moderate amount of exercise can give you more energy and stamina, and increase blood flow. Since erectile dysfunction–often caused by poor blood flow–is a major libido-killer, this last benefit of exercise is especially important for men.

Paige Waehner, a certified personal trainer, recommends a combination of cardio and strength-training to improve your health, sex life, and libido.

Certain exercises can also have an erotic element. Yoga, in particular, has been known to increase sexual interest and pleasure.

According to a review published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, yoga may even stimulate genital blood flow, enhance erectile capacity, and improve orgasms. Plus, yoga is a major stress-reliever.

If your sex drive needs to be revved up, these tips can help increase libido, improve your confidence, and put your sex life back in high gear.

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