Inner Armour Blue Anabolic Test

Inner Armour promises its customers “strength from within.”

Its new Anabolic Test, part of the Blue supplement line, is claimed to boost testosterone by 98.9%.

Increasing testosterone is the dream of many athletes and bodybuilders, but of course they want a supplement that’s affordable and effective.

Does Anabolic Test fit this description?

Inside a Bottle of Anabolic Test

Anabolic Test contains a lineup of testosterone-boosting ingredients. Let’s take a look at 3 of the ingredients advertised as key to Anabolic Test’s success:

Stinging Nettle Root. Stinging nettle functions as an inhibitor of estrogen-promoting enzymes, thereby preventing excess estrogen and keeping testosterone levels stable. [1] The proper dosage has not been established, and stinging nettle could cause stomach complaints and sweating. [2]

Tribulus Terrestris. While tribulus is commonly used to raise testosterone, studies show it might not be as effective as supplement companies say. A group of 21 healthy young men was separated into 3 groups: one took placebo, one took 20 mg/kg body weight tribulus, and the third took 10 mg/kg body weight tribulus—all for 4 weeks. There was no difference found in testosterone levels between tribulus supplementing groups and placebo. [3] Tribulus is considered safe when used for up to 8 weeks, but long term safety has not been evaluated. [4]

Saw Palmetto Extract. Saw palmetto inhibits 5a-reductase, which converts testosterone into DHT. [5] This could keep testosterone levels stable and also treats enlarged prostate, male pattern baldness, and prostate cancer. Some may experience dizziness, headache, nausea, or other side effects when using saw palmetto. [6]

While these ingredients are favorable, amounts are not disclosed, so we don’t know if the ingredients are included in proper dosages. There are also no customer reviews online to tell us whether Anabolic Test’s ingredient combination has been successful at raising testosterone levels.

How to Take Anabolic Test

The instructions read to take 4 capsules of Anabolic Test before bedtime and to not exceed the recommended dosage. Fortunately, users need only remember to take Anabolic Test once a day. The bottle should last 30 days.

Anabolic Test Price Value

A bottle of Anabolic Test sells at $33.49. I’m surprised the price is so low for a new supplement. Many testosterone boosters are more expensive.

Anabolic Test may be worth its price, but without customer reviews, it’s hard to say whether Anabolic Test outshines the rest of the testosterone supplement crowd.

Anabolic Test: The Bottom Line

Inner Armour Blue Anabolic Test looks like a good value. Its ingredient profile is typical and certainly nothing to scream about, but it likely does the job reasonably well.

Anabolic Test might not be the most hardcore anabolic formula out there, as it claims to be, but I’d say it’s worth its price. We await customer reviews to make a final judgment call on Anabolic Test.


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