Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite

Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite
Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite is a testosterone boosting supplement formulated to ameliorate athletic performance and sex drive.

The manufacturer claims Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite’s ingredient profile is “scientifically advanced” and supports performance goals.

As these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, I took a closer look at the ingredients to see if Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite is worth purchasing.

What’s Under the Lid?

Each serving is packed with several ingredients. Here is a closer look at the ingredient profile:

Zinc (7.5 mg)
Zinc is a trace element that influences testosterone levels and sperm quality. Zinc deficiencies may result in lower sperm count quality and also affect testosterone concentration. [1] [2]

Men should consume around 11 mg per day. [3] This means zinc amounts in Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite aren’t enough to solely supply recommended amounts, and users need to obtain them elsewhere.

Magnesium (22.5 mg)
Magnesium was shown to increase total and free testosterone values in sedentary and athletic individuals when administered in 10 mg/kg per day. However, increases were higher in athletic individuals. [4]

There doesn’t appear to be as much magnesium as found in the clinical study. This leads me to believe magnesium’s testosterone-influencing effects are minimal.

Vitamin B6 (2.6 mg)
This vitamin is involved in fuel, serotonin, and norepinephrine production. These hormones affect mood and melatonin. [5]

Adult men should consume around 1.3 mg per day. [5] Vitamin B6 amounts in Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite exceed these recommended daily amounts, so this vitamin’s effects should be prominent.

Tribulus Terrestris (750 mg)
Tribulus terrestris is studied for its ability to enhance testosterone levels.

During one 20-day study, athletes received a tribulus extract daily and underwent anaerobic tests. Researchers observed serum testosterone levels increase as a result of supplementation. [6]

I was unable to find the clinical tribulus terrestris dose, so I can’t be certain if Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite contains enough to produce results.

Saw Palmetto (160 mg)
Saw palmetto is used to combat enlarged prostate by shrinking the inner lining that applies pressure on urinary tubes. Effective doses are 160 mg twice a day or 320 mg once a day. [7]

Is Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite Affordable?

Despite several third party retailers listing Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite as “TBA” or “coming soon,” it may be purchased for $20.09 through the official website,

Each container provides 90 servings (180 capsules). That’s roughly a 3 month’s supply, which seems a good deal.

What Is the Best Way to Use It?

Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite should be used every day about 1 hour before bedtime. Users should take 1-2 capsules. However, users may want to assess Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite’s effects by starting with smaller doses. If effects are received favorably, increase the dose to the recommended amount.

Do the Benefits Outweigh the Side Effects?

The manufacturer doesn’t mention any side effects associated with Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite.

Saw palmetto is considered safe for most people. However, saw palmetto may cause mild vomiting, dizziness, nausea, constipation, and diarrhea. [7]

More About the Manufacturer

Inner Armour is headquartered in Connecticut and is a sport’s supplement manufacturing company.

All Inner Armour products are held to the highest safety standards and are tested at BSCG testing facilities. These facilities ensure product safety and inspect for banned substances.

Inner Armour is supported by Parisi Speed Schools across the nation. Parisi Speed Schools have trained over 100,000 athletes; over 100 of them became NFL draft picks, Olympians, and MMA fighters.

Should You Consider Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite?

Inner Armour Blue Tribulus Elite is formulated with ingredients that influence testosterone levels and maintain healthy enzymatic functions.

Its price is modest and may become even more affordable as third party retailers begin to sell it. Its servings per container are a big plus; users don’t need to purchase multiple bottles each month to continue with use.

The only downside is the lack of user reviews. For this purpose I recommend waiting for some user reviews to surface before purchasing a bottle.


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