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Lifessence HGH Plus is the latest testosterone supplement to hit the market. It can help you increase the amount of testosterone in your body so you don’t have to become one of the thousands of men dealing with decreased testosterone levels.

Did you know that after you turn 40 your testosterone levels decrease by 1-2 percent per year? 1-2 percent a year may not sound like much, but over time it adds up. Less testosterone equals less energy, a lower sex drive, and a harder time building lean muscle mass. Luckily there is a testosterone supplement available that can get you back on track.

However, what makes Lifessence HGH Plus better for you than something like Syntheroid, which was developed by doctors? Let’s see how this product stacks up to the competition.


• Lifessence contains some solid HGH promoting ingredients that should help increase lean muscle mass, libido levels, and give you an extra boost of energy.

• Lifessence contains a high dosage of super foods that will boost your overall health.

• Lifessence contains some weight loss ingredients that may actually help you burn some extra fat.


• Many of the dosages of the different ingredients are hidden in proprietary blends so there is no way of knowing whether or not you get a sufficient dosage.

Side Effects

There is some caffeine in Lifessence HGH Plus, but probably not enough to cause side effects unless you are extremely sensitive to stimulants.

Lifessence recommends that you drink plenty of water when taking this supplement.

Price and Guarantee Policy

One bottle of Lifessence HGH Plus purportedly “retails” for $121 (probably just a marketing gimmick), but it can be purchased from their website for $75 plus shipping and handling. As far as bulk discounts are concerned, if you purchase 5 bottles, you get an extra bottle free.

Lifessence HGH Plus comes with a pretty solid guarantee. When you buy Lifessence HGH Plus, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results you get from taking Lifessence, for any you can return your purchase for a full refund of your money. It is comforting to see a product with a guarantee like that. It means they really believe in their product.


Lifessence HGH Plus is a solid testosterone supplement. It contains an above average ingredient profile and comes with a stellar guarantee. The ingredients seem to be safe as well with limited side effects listed. The only thing that separates it from our top rated testosterone supplements is its high price tag.

Lifessence HGH Plus wouldn’t be a bad pick, but considering there are just as effective testosterone supplements for nearly half of its price, you may want to consider other products like Syntheroid if the price tag bothers you.

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