Claiming to be the “sexiest product, ever”, Magnum Instincts promises to boost male sexual performance. Magnum Instincts claims to increase testosterone, confidence, and vigor with all-natural, proven ingredients.

Sounds nice, but we’ve danced this dance before. Many male enhancement products make promises but then don’t deliver. Is Magnum Instincts any different?

The Ingredients

Magnum Instincts packs eight interesting and potent ingredients into its performance-boosting formula.

Carnosyn beta alanine (170 mg) is a patented form of beta alanine that is easily absorbed. Beta alanine is important amino acid that it is converted into carnosine, an important peptide in muscle tissue.[1] Carnosine boosts muscle function resulting, in better physical endurance and more effective muscle growth and repair.

Cordyceps sinensis (150 mg) it was shown to increase testosterone levels in animals.[2] While these results are exciting, there are no studies on how it may affect humans.

Epimedium (140 mg), famously nicknamed “horny goat weed”, is a popular ingredient found in many male enhancement products. While many men swear the ingredient improves sexual performance, human clinical evidence is severely lacking.[3]

Maca powder (100 mg) is a traditional Peruvian treatment for male infertility. Modern studies support this traditional use and show the ingredient boosts libido and sexual performance in rats.[4]

L-citrulline malate (100 mg) plays an important role in enhancing nitric oxide production.[5] Nitric oxide helps improve physical performance and muscle growth by enlarging blood vessels and facilitating greater blood flow. With more blood flow, it will also be easier to obtain erection.

Lycium barbarum (75 mg), better known as the goji berry, is a traditional Chinese remedy for male sexual dysfunction. However, while studies show it does improve sexual performance fertility in rats,[6] there is no evidence the ingredient does the same for humans.

L-lysine (50 mg) is an amino acid active in lean muscle growth and repair. It also is crucial for converting fatty acids into energy,[7] boosting physical stamina.

Zinc monomethionine (15 mg) speeds zinc absorption by binding it to the amino acid methionine.[8] Zinc is found in many testosterone products but studies of its effect on testosterone production are mixed. For example, one study found zinc blocks testosterone from converting into estrogen. However, another study found no connection between zinc and testosterone.

While advertisements may talk big, most of the ingredients in Magnum Instincts are not proven. Clinical studies may have been performed on all of them, but the studies were limited to animals. Consequently, this formula is a gamble for how it affects humans.

Magnum Instincts User Feedback

User reviews are helpful when a product’s formula isn’t obviously effective. Unfortunately, there are no user reviews available for Magnum Instincts, leaving the product’s efficacy up in the air.

Are There Potential Side Effects?

With many male performance boosters, there is a chance of side effects. The question is, does the risk outweigh the benefits?

Any of the amino acids in Magnesium Instinct can become toxic in excess, harming cells and organs, so stick to the recommended dosage. Also, epimedium and lyceum barbarum are known to cause dizziness and nausea.

How To Take Magnum Instincts

Simply take two capsules with a glass of warm water at least 40 minutes prior to sexual activity.

For fastest results, take Magnum Instincts two hours after a meal.

Purchasing Magnum Instincts

Magnum Instincts can currently be found online from various Canada-based vendors. The best prices include:

• $59.95 for 10 capsules
• $49.99 for 10 capsules
• $59.97 for 10 capsules

The average price comes out to be about $5.00 per capsule which is rather steep. And when you consider the fact that one dose is two capsules, Magnum Instincts is almost laughably overpriced.

When you pay money like this, you expect some sort of guarantee. In Magnum Instincts case, we can’t tell if it’s backed by a guarantee. The only information the company provides about the company’s return policy is that it’s “coming soon.”[9]

Final Thoughts

While Magnum Instincts has potential, it doesn’t deliver on many important points. First, the ingredients are unproven and can cause side effects. Second, there are no user reviews on the product. And lastly, it’s expensive and may not be backed by a guarantee.

For these reasons, we suggest you pass on Magnum Instincts and find another performance booster.


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