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Every man want a bigger penis.  Back in the day man made do with what he had.  These days–with information immediately at our fingertips, and products promising penis enlargement EVERYWHERE on the WORLDWIDE NET, it’s become an obsession for men to try to improve size, width, longevity and performance–a bit like women are obsessed with getting rid of stomach fat.

Male Extra goes the extra mile.  Not only does it offer a supplement to give you a mile-long penis (okay, I made that up)–it also offers free tools (ahem) to help you improve all of the above. This PROGRAM gives with its smallest order (a one month’s supply for $79.95) an online application called PENIS HEALTH ONLINE.  And the freebies get better from there.

But despite the hyped-up claims (and they’re all over the place) and free gifts (including shipping), is there anything to the actual Male Extra supplement?

I mean can an all-natural HERBAL product really prove as effective as Viagra–without the pain and congestion associated with the latter? 

Male Extra claims the following:

  • More intense erections
  • Enlarged penis (up to three inches)
  • Improved stamina
  • Improved staying power

Three inches, really?  Don’t listen guys.  If this product can improve desire and blood flow it may be worth the money.  But PLEASE DON’T EXPECT MIRACLES!

In Depth Look at Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra contains the following:

  • Pomegranate 70% ellagic 500mg
  • L-Arginine 600mg
  • Zinc (as Asparate) 150mg
  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg
  • L-Methionine 100mg
  • Cordyceps 25mg
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid 25mg

The official site does not give any explanation on what these ingredient do–just the usual marketing jargon about them being “clinically proven and amazing, yada, yada, yada.”

I am a little skeptical about Pomegranate.  It’s supposedly a “proven male enhancement ingredient” but no specifics are given.  And it seems fluffy to me–although Pomegranate does contain vast amounts of important an amino acid called citrulline which is thought to boost nitric oxide production–widening arteries and improving blood flow.

L-Arginine is an ingredient that offers the same effects as Pomegranite, but is PROVEN to do so.

The other ingredients allegedly help with sexual performance, cell growth and prostate health and to boost libido.

I do appreciate that the ingredients are not thrown into a blend and are offered in individual dose–and the quantities seem acceptable. 

I don’t appreciate the hype and lack of actual relevant ingredient information.

Does Male Extra Absorb into the Body?

As with most herbal supplements for sexual performance, effects increase over time.

Is Male Extra Safe?

No side effects have been reported from taking Male Extra.  You could expect facial flushing from increased blood flow however.

Price and Guarantee Policy

Here is a sample of pricing and the free gifts that are associated with these prices:

1 Month Supply – $75.95-Free Penis Health Online

3 Months Supply –$198.95- Free Penis Health Online, Penis Health DVD and LoveCentria™ online & 54 online DVD’s

6 Months Supply-$298.95 Free Penis Health Online, Penis Health DVD, LoveCentria Online™ & 54 online DVD’s, Performer5™ and Vit 5™

Male Extra offers an unheard of SIX MONTH RETURN POLICY as well as a 7 DAY RETURN POLICY

To return you first need to contact the company.  If you receive a response (fingers crossed) you will receive all your funds less shipping and handling and a $20 processing fee. Return shipping will also be in your ball court.

The 7 day policy is more a “buyers remorse” refund.  You need to return everything in sealed and resalable condition to qualify.


Hmmm…I could not find any unbiased testimonials (from outside the official website) anywhere on the net.  If people are taking Male Extra they’re not talking.  I do like that Male Extra puts emphasis on diet, exercise and communication with your partner–these factors are all very important to a good sex life.  And of course the FREE SHIPPING and FREEBIES are nice.

I don’t like the lack of ingredient information.

And honestly you could be spending all that money on the “FREEBIES” so you can do all the work yourself with exercises etc., because the product is mostly ineffective.

Bottom line–I am leery of any company that claims it can give you (up to) another three inches.

Quit obsessing about it anyway.  Your woman loves you.

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