MDrive Elite

Dream Brands claims “Mdrive Elite can help improve sustained energy and maximize the body’s athletic potential.”

Like other Mdrive products, Mdrive Elite is said to reverse aging’s effects by raising testosterone and helping you feel younger and more energetic.

I wondered if Mdrive Elite could really be the most elite of Mdrive products, so I looked a little further into this testosterone supplement to find out if it has what it takes to really help you increase testosterone levels and feel younger and more energized.

Comparison to Mdrive and MdrivePlus

Other than its higher price, Mdrive Elite is pretty similar to its Mdrive brothers. There a few differences, though, including:

• You take 3 supplements instead of 2 .

• Mdrive Elite is the only Mdrive supplement to improve sports performance. This is presumably due to its unique inclusion of KSM-66, which may lower fatigue and improve cardiovascular endurance.

• Mdrive Elite is said to metabolize estrogen because it contains the estrogen blocker DIM.

Besides KSM-66 and DIM, though, Mdrive Elite has the same formula as its fellow Mdrive supplements.

Mdrive Elite Ingredients

Mdrive Elite contains many vitamins and minerals, including the testosterone-promoting zinc.[1] In addition, it has the following natural ingredients:

Diindolylmethane (50 mg). Although Diindolylmethane, or DIM, acts like estrogen, it also blocks estrogen’s effects. This exerts a positive effect on testosterone. [2]

Fenugreek Seed Extract (600 mg). Fenugreek treats digestive problems such as constipation and upset stomach. It’s claimed to raise testosterone, but studies do not support this claim. [3] It may cause diarrhea, bloating, congestion, and allergic reactions. [4]

KSM-66: Ashwagandha Extract (600 mg). Ashwaganda counteracts stress’ effects by treating fatigue. It may also improve cardiorespiratory endurance. [5] Nevertheless, it may cause allergic reaction or intensify hyperthyroidism. [6]

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract (500 mg). Cordyceps increases exercise endurance capacity in rats, but has yet to prove its worth in humans. [7]

Maitake Extact. Maitake lessens some effects of age such as hypertension, insulin sensitivity, and inflammation. [8]

American Ginseng Extract (100 mg). Ginseng strengthens the immune system and fights stress. But, it may cause insomnia, headache, and upset stomach. [9]

Maca Extract (65 mg). Though testosterone levels are not affected by maca, it does have a slight effect on sexual function on those with erectile dysfunction. [11]

BioPerine: Black Pepper Extract (5 mg). BioPerine increases bioavailability of all nutrients in Mdrive Elite. [12]

Mdrive Elite Side Effects

According to Dream Brands, Mdrive Elite hasn’t caused any side effects in users besides an allergic reaction in those sensitive to the ingredients.

However, some users on reported side effects such as insomnia and jitteriness.

Mdrive Elite Pricing

A 60-day supply of Mdrive Elite is available for $59.99 at both and That’s about a dollar per pill.

Mdrive Plus is $49.99, while Mdrive Classic is $44.99. As I mentioned, I don’t see enough differences between the three products to warrant the higher price.

Mdrive Elite: The Bottom Line

Mdrive Elite does have some intriguing ingredients that target different aspects of aging. But, Mdrive Elite isn’t different enough from other Mdrive products to make it worthy of the “elite” title. And, there’s not any customer reviews on Mdrive Elite to tell us whether it is worth the high price.

I would pass on Mdrive Elite for now, until time proves it to be as elite as it claims.


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