N1 T

Looking to build lean muscles? Increase your libido? An extra boost of energy? If so, you may like N1 T. According to the makers,

“N1-T uses a complementary blend of cutting edge, all natural testosterone boosting agents designed specifically for dual purposes: (1) to help maximize natural testosterone production and (2) to help improve the ratios of something called “free” testosterone to “total” testosterone.”

Although this sounds great,the claims of manufacturers and reality are often two very different things. Does N1 T work? Let’s take a closer look:

In Depth Look at N1 T’s Ingredients

Ingredients in N1 T include:

Longjack 400 Complex 400mg

  • Eurycoma Longifolia LJ-100™ (22%EuryPeptides, 40% Glycosaponins & 30% Polysacharides)

Test-Stim Complex 930mg

  • Tribulus Terrestris (Standardized For 60% Steroidal Saponins & 20% Protodioscin)
  • Avena Sativa (Standardized For Avenacosides A &B)
  • Catuaba (From Bark)
  • Herba Epimedii (Aerial Part Extract)
  • Salvia Sclarea (Leaf Extract)
  • Bioperine (Piper Nigrum Fruit)

There are some pros and cons to the ingredient profile of N1 T:

The Pros:

  • Contains all-natural ingredients that are not associated with any serious side effects (no prescription needed)
  • N1 T contains ingredients that can boost testosterone levels. Tribulus terrestris and eurycoma longifolia are both backed by clinical studies to boost testosterone levels when dosed correctly.

The Cons:

  • N1 T hides the dosages of many of their ingredients in proprietary blends. The dosage of N1 T’s arguably best ingredient, tribulus terrestris, is not disclosed. For example there could be 1 or 900 milligrams of tribulus terrestris. For a product to work, it must combine effective ingredients at proper dosages. With proprietary blends there is no way of knowing just how much of each ingredient you are getting.
  • N1 T has gotten mixed reviews from users.

Is N1 T safe?

N1 T is not associated with any serious side effects. However, depending on how it is dosed it may lead to some minor side effects in sensitive users such as headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and stomach issues. Be sure to drink plenty of water in conjunction with N1 T.

Price and Guarantee Policy

N1 T retails for around $42, but it appears that many retailers are trying to unload it. We found it for as low as $23 a bottle plus shipping and handling.

We were unable to find a money back guarantee. The majority of the top testosterone products are backed by a guarantee so N1 T’s lack of a guarantee makes me skeptical. Guarantees not only ensure you won’t lose your hard earned money on a product that doesn’t work, they also show that the manufacturers believe in their product.


N1 T is good but not great. It contains a few quality ingredients but there are a few issues that make me wary of recommending it:

  • the dosages of many of the ingredients (including tribulus terrestris) is not disclosed. There is no way of knowing whether or not you get a sufficient dosage
  • there is no money back guarantee
  • there are better testosterone supplements available with more clinically proven ingredients available for around the same price

If you have taken N1 T in the past, please tell us about your experience in the comment section.

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