Nugenix Natural Prostate Support

Advertisers say Nugenix Natural Prostate Support “promote[s] urinary flow, reduce[s] frequent night urination, and support[s] healthy prostate function.”

Prostate Support is boasted to have carefully studied, all-natural ingredients proven to support prostate health, leading to a lifestyle of increased comfort and good health.

I wanted to know whether Prostate Support is as effective as it’s touted to be, so I did some research.


Within each serving (2 capsules) of Prostate Support is 894 mg. Here’s a break-down of its most prevalent and potent ingredients:

Phytopin (80% Beta Sitosterol) [438 mg]. In a study involving 200 patients, men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) took 20 mg beta-sitosterol 3 times daily or a placebo. Those who took beta-sitosterol resulted in “increasing peak [urine] flow” and a “decrease of mean residual urinary volume.” [1]

Saw Palmetto [272 mg]. Dr. Geo Espinosa, Director of the Integrative Urological Center at New York University Langone Medical Center (NYULMC), described saw palmetto as “very helpful” for treating BPH. However, this was effective only when combined with other herbs like nettle root and pygeum, [2] neither of which is found in Prostate Support.

Bladderwrack Extract [75 mg]. Bladderwrack’s chief function is to help with iodine deficiencies within the thyroid, but this condition is rare in developed countries. Also, there is no evidence supporting its use for benefiting the prostate. [3]

Because of its iodine content, bladderwrack consumption can be potentially harmful. NYULMC states, “Products that provide bladderwrack should state the amount of iodine they provide. If this information is not there, do not take it.” [3]

Zinc Chelate [75 mg]. Although zinc is occasionally recommended for treating BPH and prostatitis, experts assure the evidence supporting its use “is not yet meaningful.” [4]

Vitamin E [24.8 mg]. In a meta-analysis of studies examining the efficacy of selenium and vitamins used to prevent/treat prostate cancer, a group of scientists concluded these substances “did not reduce the incidence and mortality of prostate cancer.” [5]

Despite such assertions, NYULMC experts mention the antioxidant vitamin E is effective for preventing prostate cancer, but note scientific studies are conflicting. A daily recommended intake of vitamin E is 15 mg/d. [6]

Consumer Reviews

There are just a few consumer reviews online, with most of them praising Prostate Support. Here is one example:

“Fabulous, it works very well, it surpasses my expectation and I will recommend it to others and continue using it myself.” – Anthony I. Auguste,, 5 stars

Purchasing Prostate Support

Nugenix sells its own products via A bottle of Prostate Support costs $27 and shipping is $4.99.

Nugenix also relinks prospective customers to retailers who also sell its products:

In-Store. For those wanting to purchase Prostate Support at a physical location, provides a map as well as a zip code search to find GNC and Rite Aid stores throughout the US.

Online. Prostate Support is available on about a dozen websites, such as,,, and

The price for Prostate Support varies between $18-27, with being the cheapest option ($17.50).

About Nugenix

The Nugenix health supplement brand is developed and marketed by Direct Digital, LLC, which owns other supplement brands. The Nugenix product line is specific for improving men’s health, which also includes the supplement Testosterone Booster.

As there are only two products thus far, Nugenix appears to be a newer brand. The company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts were both launched in 2012. is an impressive easy-to-read website. It easily makes itself available to customers and contains an FAQ section about its products.


Online reviews of Prostate Support suggest it is effective for supplementing prostate health, and its fairly inexpensive price tag makes it a feasible option to most buyers.

But, its inclusion of bladderwrack extract is alarming, especially since Nugenix does not explicitly state its iodine content. Because of this, Prostate Support may be harmful to consumer health.


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