Ogoplex Review

One of life’s greatest pleasures is an unforgettable orgasm. For many, it doesn’t get better than that. But what if it could bet better? Ogoplex, a male orgasm-enhancer, promises to increase the intensity of your orgasms. Using pure botanical seed extract, Ogoplex promises that you will no longer have to leave the thought of better orgasms to the imagination.

Focusing on the prostate, Ogoplex claims to allow for more powerful orgasmic contractions. They claim that some men even experienced 12-15 contractions during each orgasm as a result of taking Ogoplex.

Ogoplex also promises to help decrease the refractory period, increase your stamina, promote harder erections, and increase the volume of your seminal fluid.

Ogoplex sounds like the supplement that will give you the mind-blowing sex you’ve always wanted. Does Ogoplex actually work to deliver on all of these great promises? A look at the ingredient list and most customer reactions make us doubt it, but let’s take a closer look.

Ogoplex Ingredients

The formula that supposedly delivers all these exciting sexual benefits is part of a 559mg proprietary blend.

Some proprietary blends are great, but others are responsible for dismal results. Not only is 559mg a fairly low dose for a proprietary blend, but considering that the blend contains four ingredients, it is unlikely that the proprietary blend contains enough of the key ingredients to actually deliver results.

Proprietary blends do not list the amount of each ingredient, making it impossible for you to know whether or not the ingredient appears in effective and safe dosages.

Ogoplex’s proprietary blend contains Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, Phytosterols Complex, Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, and Tomato Juice.

None of these ingredients have proven to produce much of an effect on sexual performance or drive. Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, Saw Palmetto Berry Extract, and Tomato Juice may be naturally beneficial for prostate health.

Ogoplex does not really pack a punch in its ingredients. Honestly, it is unlikely that any of these ingredients will help you experience longer, stronger orgasms.

Is Ogoplex Safe?

Because Ogoplex contains a pretty tame proprietary blend, it’s doubtful that you will experience any serious side-effects as a result of taking it. Ogoplex’s label does recommend that you consult a physician before using Ogoplex, particularly if you have high blood pressure. We can’t speak for any of the other claims that Ogoplex makes, but we definitely agree with this statement. We always recommend speaking with your doctor before beginning to use any health supplement.

Ogoplex Price and Guarantee Policy

Ogoplex can be found for $30.00, making it very effective, but it does not feature a money-back guarantee.

The best testosterone enhancement supplements will always back their product with a guarantee. This demonstrates confidence in a product as well as concern for the satisfaction of the customer. Since there is no guarantee that comes with your purchase of Ogoplex, we have to conclude that even the makers of this male enhancement supplement aren’t convinced that it will work.

Ogoplex Conclusion

Ogoplex does not appear to be a high-quality product. None of the ingredients in Ogoplex will lead to any of the extreme sexual-enhancing claims that Ogoplex makes. The best testosterone supplements are typically backed by positive customer feedback. Unfortunately, the majority of customer reviews for Ogoplex were negative. After weeks of using it, many customers noticed no difference in their sexual performance or enjoyment.

There are a few positive customer reviews reporting that they saw results within just a few days of taking Ogoplex. According to these reviewers, the benefits increase every time you take Ogoplex.

Ogoplex may have a slight health benefit for your prostate, but other than that it most likely won’t deliver dramatic results. For the best testosterone enhancing results, check out our top picks.

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