Cellucor has announced that its “legendary anabolic supplement,” P6 Extreme Black, is coming back.

P6 Extreme Black’s resurrection announcement came 5 years after it was mysteriously taken from the shelves in 2008. But does this new version hold a candle to the one that made the name for P6 Extreme Black?

While Cellucor hasn’t released much information about P6 Extreme Black, many Cellucor fans are speculating. But rather than leave this product in shaded rumor, let’s explore what we do know about P6 Extreme Black.

Who Is Cellucor?

P6 Extreme Black’s manufacturer, Cellucor is an impressive company that designs and produces supplements that maximize work outs and results. In fact, one of its products, Super HD, received the “Best Product Innovation Award” from GNC in 2012.

It also has a great reputation with its customers and zero complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau in the last 3 years. Cellucor even enjoys an A+ rating with the BBB.[1]

Cellucor was also BodyBuilding.com’s supplement company of the month for July, 2010.

But coming from an impressive company is only half the battle. In order to provide powerful results, Cellucor has to have a powerful formula.

P6 Extreme Black Ingredients

Though Cellucor has not yet released an ingredient list for P6 Extreme black, the company has shared some facts about P6 Extreme Black’s formula.

According to the product’s official website, P6Black.com, P6 Extreme Black will feature “Nootropic Testosterone Technology”, which Cellucor claims provides the testosterone supplement with an unmatched “feel.”

Alpha-GPC is a natural chlorine compound made from a fatty acid found in soy and other plants. It appears to increase acetylcholine in brain and is often used to promote cognitive functions such as memory.[2]

D-serine is an amino acid active in the brain that promotes receptor activity, stimulating more neurotransmissions.[3]

D-Aspartic Acid
D-aspartic acid is an amino acid that many believe boosts testosterone levels, increasing strength and boosting metabolism. Cellucor claims that this new form of d-aspartic acid doesn’t readily react with stomachs acids and “gets a ‘free-pass’ to the rest of the body”.[4]

P6 Extreme Black also contains another form of d-aspartic acid, magnesium chelate. But its effects are similar and mainly enhance those from d-aspartic acid.

P6 Extreme Black Potential Side Effects

Cellucor has not yet released any definitive information about P6 Extreme Black’s formula. However, since Cellucor has promised to include alpha-GPC, it’s possible P6 Extreme Black could cause heartburn, headaches, and insomnia.

But without the actual alpha GPC dosage P6 Extreme Black offers, the likelihood of side effects cannot be determined.

Should You Try P6 Extreme Black?

Though Cellucor has teased the public with information about P6 Extreme Black, the company is playing its release close to the chest. In addition to not releasing a full ingredient list, Cellucor hasn’t shared when they’ll be releasing P6 Extreme Black, nor have they stated how much the product will cost.

Despite P6 Extreme Black’s original popularity, a new formula means an entirely different game. Even though Cellucor offers pre-release discounts such as 50% off the retail price if you like the product on Facebook, it is worth waiting on P6 Extreme Black. Until you see comprehensive ingredients, and authentic customer reviews, look elsewhere for a performance enhancer.


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