Pink Magic

Pink MagicPink Magic sat on USP Labs’ shelves, untouched, for months. It would have remained forgotten if product tester Joe Simone hadn’t got his hands on it.

“Ok, you guys need to come clean. What the (heck)’s in these pink pills & how can I get more?” Joe wrote to USP Labs headquarters. “Rapid vascularity, balloon-like muscle fullness, crazy recovery, sick strength & a feeling like no-other.”

Since Pink Magic was so effective, why is it gone from some sites and not being made any longer? That’s right; Pink Magic has been discontinued by USPLabs and is no longer available on a number of websites but is still available in some places. After reading so many raving reviews, I was shocked and curious. I had to know what’s going on with Pink Magic.

Was Pink Magic Really So Effective?

Pink Magic has three unique ingredients, which aren’t commonly found in testosterone supplements:

Massularia Acuminate

I only found one Massularia Acuminate study and it was performed on 60 rats. For 21 days, rats were given the ingredient or water. The result: rats taking Massularia Acuminate experienced increases in…

• Testes-body weight ratio
• Testicular protein
• Cholesterol
• Testosterone
• Luteinizing hormones

The researchers concluded Massularia Acuminate “has androgenic properties which may stimulate male sexual maturation and enhance normal testicular function.”[1] It might produce the same results in men, but this has yet to be proven.

Nelumbo Nucifera

There don’t appear to be any studies proving Nelumbo Nucifera increases testosterone. However, one study shows it reduced body fat in mice.

First, the mice were fed a high-fat diet to cause weight gain. Then, they were given Nelumbo Nucifera. It reduced body weight and lipids, and prevented further weight gain.[2] No one can say Nelumbo Nucifera provides the same benefits for men until research proves this.

Rhamnus Nakaharai

When I searched Rhamnus Nakaharai in the database, several studies came up. However, these studies examined Rhamnus Nakaharai’s high antioxidant content. None proved it impacts testosterone production.

Were the Ingredients Unsafe?

Many ingredients are safe in certain dosages. It’s difficult to know what long term side effects will be, since the ingredients in Pink Magic are listed in a proprietary blend. No users reported negative side effects, but it’s impossible to know about the long term.

One Pink Magic serving (2 capsules) contained 1,600 mg of Massularia Acuminate, Nelumbo Nucifera, and Rhamnus Nakaharai. USP Labs recommended taking 3 servings daily, which provides 4,800 mg.

If you begin feeling any negative side effects from taking Pink Magic, contact a physician.

Did Customers Like Pink Magic?

Pink Magic is gone, to be replaced sometime in 2013 by Pink Magic 2.0, but dozens of customer reviews can still be found of the original Pink Magic formula. On, 77 users gave the supplement an average 5.2/10 star rating. 155 users gave Pink Magic an average 7.3/10 stars on Overall they give Pink Magic a postive rating.

Here are the Pink Magic pros and cons, according to 232 users:

• Builds muscle
• Increases strength
• Builds lean muscle
• Promotes vascularity

• Ineffective
• Too pricey
• 6-8 pills a day
• Bad side effects

107 users who left feedback on said they would recommend Pink Magic to others. 25 said they wouldn’t recommend it and 23 said maybe.

Was Pink Magic Overpriced?

Pink Magic retailed for $89.99. However, several online stores sold it for as low as $50.

Now you can find Pink Magic at for $199.99.

Stay tuned for Pink Magic 2.0, due to debut very soon!


[1] Yakubu, MT, MA Akanji, et al. “Androgenic potentials of aqueous extract of Massularia acuminata (G. Don) Bullock ex Hoyl. stem in male Wistar rats.” Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 118.3 (2008): 508-13.

[2] Wu, CH, MY Yang, et al. “Improvement in high-fat diet-induced obesity and body fat accumulation by a Nelumbo nucifera leaf flavonoid-rich extract in mice.” Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 58.11 (2010): 7075-81.

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