Prelox Blue by Herbalife

Life has a way of humbling you!  When you are young you think you can do anything and getting old is not a something that will happen to you.  Your body works at optimal speed while you are in your 20’s but soon after that their body starts showing signs of aging.  Sorry to burst your bubble but aging is not always a pretty thing.

Body parts begin having issues!  You may be seeing some of those problems at the moment.  Rest assured you are not alone.  There are millions, yes millions, of men who are suffering sexual difficulties.  Why do you think you see commercial after commercial on television about medications for erectile dysfunction?  Because it is a real and serious problem for men.

Prelox Blue by Herbalife is a natural herbal supplement that focuses on male sexual enhancement. For those of us who do not like taking medications because of all the side effects associated with them, we like to turn to herbal supplements that will give us the same results without side effects.

Prelox Blue says it will:

  • Help promote sexual intimacy and pleasure
  • Protect blood vessel and circulatory health
  • Nutritional support for male sexual health

Time to see if this male sexual enhancement supplement does the job.

In Depth Look at Prelox Blue by Herbalife Ingredients

Prelox Blue only has 2 ingredients in its formula:

  • L-Arginine–it is an amino acid the improves blood flow to the genital area, improving both performance and pleasure
  • Pycnogenol–a powerful antioxidant that may help neutralize free radicals and counteract vasoconstriction, ensuring a healthier blood flow and circulation

They claim that a combination of these two ingredients works by improving the flow of blood into the vessel and enhancing the vessel’s responsiveness to that flow.

Does Prelox Blue by Herbalife Absorb into the body

Prelox Blue claims that is does get quickly absorbed into the body.  Where is the clinical evidence?  As with most supplements there is none.

Is Prelox Blue by Herbalife Safe?

Prelox Blue does not seem to have any side effects associated with this male sexual enhancement.

Price and Guarantee Policy

Prelox Blue is a pricey male sexual enhancement supplement.  It is priced at $54.00 on Herbalife’s official website.  When you figure that they say you need to take 2 tablets each morning and afternoon for the first 14 days and 1 tablet each morning and afternoon the bottle will not even last you a month.

They say there is a 30 day money back guarantee but it is really vague about the conditions of this return policy.  You may want to double check with them before you purchase that this products is included in their money back guarantee policy.


Prelox Blue by Herbalife is a male sexual enhancement supplement that may have a proven ingredient in the formula that may help with erectile dysfunction but having one good ingredient that works may not give you great results.  It does come with a money back guarantee but vague.

Since there is no clinical evidence that it works you may be taking your chances.

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