Primal Test

Primal TestIt’s frustrating for consumers to purchase a product that contains countless of active ingredients only to find out that none of the ingredients are included in high enough doses. Primal Test appears to be that kind of product.

Primal Test by Panthera is a testosterone booster designed to increase libido, build muscle, and improve overall performance. According to the makers of Primal Test, their product contains proven ingredients that will give you better results than anything else available.

Under the Hood

Primal Test is one of those testosterone boosters that contain numerous ingredients in a large proprietary blend. One serving of Primal Test contains 25 ingredients that are designed to increase free testosterone levels and reduce side effects. Here is just a handful of ingredients that we found on the label.

DHEA has been commonly used to increase serum testosterone, but a study done in 1999 showed that DHEA has no affect on serum testosterone levels in young men during resistance training.

Tribulus Terrestris
One of the more popular testosterone boosting ingredients, tribulus is designed to stimulate testosterone production through the pituitary gland. However, studies show that tribulus is ineffective in increasing testosterone in healthy, active males.

Long Jack
Though no official human studies have been done using eurycoma longifolia, rat studies have shown conflicting results. Some research suggests that long jack can increase libido and testosterone while other studies claim otherwise.

According to some research, Fenugreek can increase libido, improve performance, and improve body composition.

Horney Goat Weed
Horney weed doesn’t have any direct effect on testosterone levels, but ut has been shown to mimic its effects. Horney goat weed is an effective aphrodisiac.

While guarana has no effect on testosterone levels, it has been shown to effectively increase energy and improve focus, making for a more intense workout.

What’s Good

We like the list of ingredients because they have been proven to work and are found in many other testosterone supplements. Primal Test even contains L-Arginine, which is an amino acid meant to increase protein and nitric oxide.

Also, these ingredients are natural and aren’t going to cause harmful side effects that you would normally encounter in anabolic steroids or prohormones.

What’s Bad

All the ingredients listed above, along with most of the ingredients in Primal Test are hidden behind a proprietary blend. Sometimes, proprietary blends are ok because the company is just trying to keep their formula a secret from their competitors. But when a product has this many ingredients inside one blend, we become a bit skeptical.

The problem with a proprietary blend is that we are unable to determine the exact quantity of each ingredient and with ingredients like tribulus terrestris and eurycoma longifolia, it is important to know the quantity in order to determine the effects.

Consumer reviews are nothing to brag about either. Most users experience only minimal results and some claim to have experienced nothing.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there isn’t much to love about Primal Test. Even though it contains popular natural ingredients, the fact that they are found in a proprietary blend isn’t something you should be confident about.

With poor consumer reviews and nothing really special to make Primal Test stand out, we don’t recommend it above other effective testosterone boosters.

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