Are you thinking you are one of the few who suffers from ED?  Or is it your partner that has the problem and does not want to admit he needs help?  There are over 170 million men in the world who are suffering.  However, there is no need to suffer in silence!  There are prescription medications and natural herbal supplements that deal with erectile dysfunction.  In fact, all natural sexual enhancers have been around for thousands of years.  Herbs have been proven to increase desire and libido and they are no strangers to many cultures around the world.

Promaxum is a male sexual enhancement supplement that is added to all the enhancers on the market that claim to help with your ED problems.  New technology is continually improving and have become more powerful and potent.  Many people prefer herbal supplements because they do not have do deal with synthetic ingredients and side effects that occur because of them.

Many people think that ED only happens to those who are older.  They say there is no reason a man can not enjoy a healthy sex life into their 80’s or beyond.  That is probably music to many men’s ears!

Promaxum is a sexual enhancer that we know very little about.  Let us see what we do know and what we don’t know about it.

In depth look at Promaxum Ingredients

Promaxum is a male sexual enhancer that seems to have mystery ingredients.  There are only a few ingredients we even know are in this formula.  We know that it contains Forslean which is an ingredient normally found in  diet supplements.   Promaxum also includes L-Arginine and Yohimbine.  L-Arginine is a proven ingredient that helps increase blood flow to the penis helping to cause a firmer erection.  Yohimbine is an ingredient that is an erection enhancer.

Does Promaxum Absorb into the body?

Promaxum is one of those sexual enhancers that we know nothing about.  L-arginine does get absorbed into the body but how effective it is remains a mystery.  We only know that Promaxum includes this ingredient but the dosage is unknown and we don’t know what else is in its formula.

Is Promaxum Safe?

Another uncertainty is if it is safe for those who consume it.  Yohimbine can be a dangerous ingredient if it is too strong but once again we don’t know how strong it is.  Without knowing the full list of ingredients we can’t know if it will cause side effects.

Price and Guarantee Policy

This is an easy one to answer because you can not buy this supplement.  Since it is not for sale there is no money back guarantee.  No surprise when you think that this product is more than likely a scam.


Promaxum has the vultures circling around it!  Scam and Promaxum seem to go hand in hand.  Many  see this male sexual enhancer as a product that is worthless and comes from a terrible company.  Good thing you did not waste your money on this supplement.

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