Purus Labs D-Pol

Purus Labs D-PolPurus Labs D-Pol was designed to be a “novel, performance-enhancing product.” However, the company doesn’t specify what they mean by “novel,” so I was left to wonder…

• Does Purus Labs D-Pol contain unique ingredients?
• Are its results different than other supplements’ results?
• Is Purus Labs D-Pol one of the best testosterone supplements?

A thorough analysis of user reviews and the ingredients provided me with the answers.

Do Users Like Purus Labs D-Pol?

There are 58 user reviews on Amazon.com. On average, these users gave Purus Labs D-Pol a 3.3 out of 5 star rating. This rating is good, but the best testosterone supplements receive higher ones.

Most users said Purus Labs D-Pol works. Their muscle mass and energy increased, and muscle strength and workouts improved. They also experienced benefits from higher testosterone. Many users stacked D-Pol with other Purus Labs products such as Fat Smack, Recycle, and Organ Shield.

Several users said Purus Labs D-Pol barely worked or didn’t work at all. Most of these users exercised regularly, too. Some said the powder caused bloating and cramps, but the pills didn’t. However, there were several complaints about the pills being very large. One user chewed them before swallowing. He said they had a chalk-like consistency, but didn’t taste bad.

So far, Purus Labs D-Pol seems very similar to other testosterone supplements. It works for most users, but not for some. When it does work, the results it produces are typical for a testosterone supplement. So, are the ingredients unique?

The Clinically Researched Ingredients

All 3 ingredients in Purus Labs D-Pol were clinically researched during human studies. This is unique in the supplement industry, but the ingredients themselves are not unique. Many testosterone and workout supplements contain these:

D-Aspartic Acid (3,120 mg). As an amino acid, D-aspartic acid is a protein building block. It plays an important role in muscle growth and recovery. But more importantly, D-aspartic acid stimulates testosterone production. In a clinical study, men taking D-aspartic acid increased their testosterone by 42%.[1]

Nitratine (480 mg). The body uses nitratine to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide widens blood vessels; allowing more blood to pass through. Nitric oxide boosters are popular among athletes because they improve oxygen delivery, increase muscle pumps, and speed muscle recovery. Studies show increasing nitric oxide with supplements is an effective way to produce those results.[2][3][4]

Vitamin D3 (4000 IU). Vitamin D3 provides many well-known benefits. Among the lesser known benefits is testosterone boosting. When men with low testosterone took vitamin D3, their total and free testosterone levels increased considerably. However, no changes were observed in the placebo group.[5]

Are Proven Dosages Included?

During the vitamin D3 study, men took 3,332 IU daily. So, Purus Labs D-Pol contains a safe, effective vitamin D3 dosage. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where the D-aspartic acid and nitratine dosages stand.

In the D-aspartic acid and nitratine studies, participants consumed the ingredients in liquid form. It’s very difficult to convert liquid measurements (i.e. milliliters) to solid measurement (i.e. milligrams). So, I really don’t know what the recommended dosages are and if Purus Labs D-Pol contains them.

Where to Buy Purus Labs D-Pol

Purus Labs doesn’t have stores where they sell D-Pol. But the official website provides a list of retailers that may have store locations. These are the best places to buy Purus Labs D-Pol online:

• eSupplements.com – $27.99
• Supplementing.com – $36.99
• PurusLabs.net – $47.95

eSupplements.com and Supplementing.com give you the option to buy tablets or powder (30 servings each). On PurusLabs.net, you can only buy tablets.

PurusLabs.net doesn’t offer the best price. But it’s the only retailer who accepts returns. When you buy from eSupplements.com or Supplementing.com, only the top-recommended supplements are covered by the guarantee.

The official website doesn’t specify if unused and used products may be returned. Purus Labs D-Pol can only be returned for an exchange. This return policy is very limited, so I don’t think it’s worth paying the extra money to buy from PurusLabs.net.

How to Get the Best Results

One powder serving is 1 scoop and one tablet serving is 3 tablets. Take 1 serving a day with food; preferably a pre-workout meal.

Purus Labs D-Pol should be used in conjunction with regular exercise to maximize results. The supplement is able to improve cardio exercise. But the best results come from combining Purus Labs D-Pol with resistance exercise. The supplement increases testosterone, which stimulates muscle growth. And resistance exercise stimulates testosterone production.

Although it doesn’t contain stimulants, Purus Labs D-Pol should not be taken in the evening or at night.

Do not take more than 1 serving a day. More than 1 serving in 24 hours may be unhealthy or cause serious side effects.


I’m still not sure why the company calls Purus Labs D-Pol “novel.” It’s not because the product contains unique ingredients, produces new results, or ranks with the best testosterone supplements.

Purus Labs D-Pol utilizes three clinically proven ingredients. Two boost testosterone and one increases blood flow. I don’t know if all the recommended dosages were included.

According to reviews, most users were satisfied with the results they got. So, Purus Labs D-Pol may be worth a try, but it’s not one of the best testosterone supplements. And there’s no guarantee to back you up in case you don’t get results.


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