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Most males have an orgasm and have to wait for at least a few hours while before being able to perform again. Then there are men who aren’t able to get things moving again for days after intercourse.

Quantum Pills contain natural herbs that have been used for many years for men’s sexual issues. The main ingredient in Quantum Pills is Swedish Flower Pollen, which has been used to improve male fertility for many years.

On the Quantum Pills website, it claims that these potent herbs will have the following effects for men when used daily:
• Increase circulation, which promotes a harder erection
• Increased production of testosterone
• Increased sexual endurance
• Boost the production of semen
• Which increases sexual desire
• Intensify orgasms

In Depth Look at Quantum Pills Ingredients

Swedish Flower Pollen enhances libido in men and supplements can help the body produce higher volumes of sperm and semen. Men are able to have multiple and more intense orgasms, while producing more semen.
Ginkgo Biloba Extract may help men achieve erections since it improves blood flow.
Catuaba Bark has aphrodisiac abilities. It helps men overcome impotence.
Zinc aids in sperm health and sperm motility. Without sufficient zinc, a man might as well be infertile.
L-Arginine helps facilitate blood flow, enhancing the size and quality of erections.
L-Lysine helps your body produce more sperm because it allows blood flow to the penis.
Maca Root Extract increases sexual desire and is an excellent antioxidant, so it helps improve overall levels of health.
Horny Goat Weed is a potent aphrodisiac.
Muira Puama is used to help maintain erections, increase libido, and is a general genital enhancer.

Do Quantum Pills Absorb into the Body?

Quantum Pills claim that you should start seeing results within three weeks after starting your daily dosage. The ingredients are supposed to stay in your system until you decide to stop using Quantum Pills. However, Quantum Pills claim that it could take up to four weeks for the effects to wear off.

Are Quantum Pills Safe?

Quantum Pills are made from a combination of safe and effective proteins, minerals, and herbal supplements. The only side-effects may be a mild case of an upset stomach or insomnia.

If you are taking prescription medications, check with your doctor to make sure there are no interactions between your prescription and Quantum Pills. If you do experience anything out-of-the-ordinary, stop taking Quantum Pills immediately and call your doctor.

Price and Guarantee Policy

Quantum Pills is so confident that you will love their product and only want more, they will back your purchase with a 60-day money back guarantee. The purchase price on their website for a one month supply is $44.95. If you purchase more than one bottle, the price goes down. The price on other websites may be less, but there is likely not a guarantee with that purchase.


If you choose to purchase Quantum Pills, we advise you to pay a little extra and buy them directly from the official website so that if the product doesn’t give you the results you want, you have the money back guarantee to fall back on. There are no user reviews for this product, except on the Quantum Pills website.

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