Stimulin is a product without an official website.  You purchase via third-party retailers.  As such it was difficult to find much information regarding this product.  What I did find out was this:

  • Stimulin is for libido and erectile dysfuncion
  • Stimulin is all-natural, containing minerals and one clinically proven ingredient Citrulline
  • Stimulin can improve blood flow–which could help with ED
  • Stimulin is side effect-free

The makers of Stimulin urge you to consult a physician if you have problems gaining or maintaining an erection, as you could have blood pressure or cardiovascular issues.  They also state that Stimulin works well in addition to healthier eating choices and regular exercise.

Of course these two factors will help fix many of your health issues, including ED.

Can Stimulin really help with your sexual woes, naturally? 

The ingredients will tell us.

In Depth Look at Stimulin Ingredients

Stimulin contains the following all-natural ingredients:

  • Phosphorus 80 mg—needed for healthy metabolism and energy, Phosphorus also helps with nerve function, and to maintain calcium balance.
  • Calcium 100 mg—needed for muscles to contract optimally and for healthy nerves. 
  • Magnesium 100 mg—too little of this ingredient can lead to poor circulation, and erectile issues.
  • Citrulline 1,875 mg—a powerful and patented amino acid that produces nitric oxide in the blood.  Nitric oxide widens arteries and enlarges blood vessels which improve blood flow to the muscles–and genitals.  Citrulline also detoxifies the blood and improves kidney health.

Overall this is quite a weak ingredient offering for a sexual performance pill.  I do like the individual ingredient dosage–and Citrulline’s dose is more than adequate–but where are ingredients to improve testosterone levels and heighten sexual desire and stamina?

I can see Stimulin improving blood flow and circulation in general–but that’s about it.

Does Stimulin Absorb into the Body?

All herbal sexual performance products like Stimulin works better over time; and take a longer duration to become effective.  You’ll need to give Stimulin at least 30 days to see results.

Is Stimulin Safe?

Yes–although Citrulline does improve blood flow, which could create some facial flushing.

Price and Guarantee Policy

Look around for the lowest price online because there is no money-back guarantee, and most retailers will not refund on opened product.  I found Stimulin for $24 and some change. 


I would look instead for a product that concentrates on offering ingredients to boost testosterone levels–which improves sexual virility, increases desire and libido and gives sexual power and stamina–in addition to Citrulline or L-Arginine (as it’s otherwise known) to increase blood flow!

Citrulline is a really excellent ingredient, but I doubt it will hold-up Stimulin alone.

And the lack of money-back guarantee is no bueno.

I’d keep looking if I were you…

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