Stress and Testosterone Levels

Stress and Testosterone LevelsThe surge of power and extra strength gained by testosterone boosters can make anyone feel invincible.

Not only is there a euphoric increase of endurance, better mood, and overall better physical performance, but having higher levels of testosterone in the body can also help create better fat loss and muscle gain.

However, these effects are undermined by other factors that cause stress. Though stress is, of course, part of everyone’s life, not dealing with it effectively raises cortisol levels and lowers the amount of testosterone in the system.

Addressing stress can allow the testosterone boosters or supplements you put in your system to work as best they can. Not only does this increase the effect and benefit that you glean, but it also helps to make the time and money that you are investing at the gym worthwhile.

Here are a few ways researchers have studied that directly affect the levels of testosterone in your body.

Get it Right

Though they do help to increase testosterone levels, the effectiveness of those supplements depends on how the supplement works inside the body. Supplements and steroids in the past tended to raise and lower levels too drastically, and that put more stress on the body and decreased the body’s ability to produce its own testosterone.

For this reason, it’s important to help keep your body stress free by getting the right kind of supplement.

Finding out how a supplement or booster reacts to your body can be as easy as looking for reviews on that product. For example, looks at how Cellucor P6 Extreme affects the body. By showing how other consumers reacted, giving an analysis of what ingredients are in testosterone boosters, and giving as objective a recommendation as possible, this review and others like it can help to combat supplement-induced stress.

Once that has been sorted out, you can look to decrease stress in other ways.

Sleep it Off

Less Sleep More StressThe biggest daily contributor to decreased levels of testosterone is lack of sleep, and that can create a bucket load of side effects.

In June 2011,
a study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association
that showed that a week of sleep loss lowered testosterone levels by up to 15% in group of healthy young men.

This study also mentioned that many of the side effects of sleep, such as low sexual desire and irritability, are similar to the effects of low testosterone.

By depriving yourself of sleep, the testosterone in your system gets lower, and it becomes harder for testosterone boosters to remain effective unless you get the right amount of shut eye.

Talk it Out

Last, but not least, do not bottle up your frustrations. The hormone makeup of men makes them more likely to bottle up stresses rather than letting them out.

Though this “strong silence” is often equated with manliness, it can actually have some serious health effects.

Not letting go of feelings of frustration, anxiety, fear, or nervousness can build up stress and actually lower your testosterone levels. This creates less-than-masculine outcomes.

Of course, it’s not necessary to have a sob session or curl up with a pint of ice cream to release your feelings. Rather, you can have a normal conversation with your significant other, best friend, parents, or even your favorite pair of weights at the gym. The important thing is to say, “I am frustrated with…” out loud and simply let it all go.

By keeping your stress levels down in these ways, you can keep your chin and your testosterone levels high.

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