Stroke 29

Looking for something to take you to the next pleasurable level? Stroke 29 is a masturbation cream that claims to be better than any other lubricant, cream, or lotion that you have tried before. Stroke 29 was designed to stay slick and increase friction with every stroke, so that every time you masturbate you are totally satisfied.

As you use Stroke 29, it heats up and increases your sexual stimulation. The makers of Stroke 29 claim you might even forget you are using your own hand, that’s how good it will feel! Are you ready to put Stroke 29 to the test? Let’s learn a little bit more about it.

Stroke 29 Ingredients

So what’s inside Stroke 29 that makes it better than any other lube you’ve tried before?
• Octyl Palmitate from Coconut Oil
• Almond Oil
• Cetyl Emulsifiers
• Aloe Vera
• Vitamin E
• Propyl Paraben
• Germal
• Carborner 940

The ingredients in Stroke 29 have been formulated to go on thick and creamy and to stay slick as long as you need them to. Unlike lubes or creams that are water or silicone-based, Stroke 29 won’t get sticky or tacky. And Stroke 29 will last as long as you do, so there’s no need to keep applying more.

As far as the ingredients are concerned, Stroke 29 should certainly be able to help you increase friction and stimulation while masturbating. Stroke 29 won’t have any other sex-enhancing benefits, however. Stroke 29 won’t make you any bigger or increase your stamina.

Stroke 29 really is strictly a masturbation cream.

Does Stroke 29 Absorb Into Your Body?

Stroke 29 won’t have too much effect inside your body, only increasing the intensity of you solo rendezvous. It won’t have any effect on the size or strength of your erection.

Is Stroke 29 Safe?

You shouldn’t experience any unwanted side effects while using Stroke 29. If something strange does happen while you are using Stroke 29, stop using it immediately. If the problem persists, make sure to call your doctor.

Stroke 29 Price and Guarantee Policy

Stroke 29 comes in two different sizes: 3.3 oz and 6.7 oz. Full retail price for Stroke 29 is $16.95 and $24.95 consecutively, but there are a lot of online retailers who offer as much as a 35% discount for Stroke 29.

So what if Stroke 29 just isn’t for you? Can you return it? You can return any unopened bottles of Stroke 29 within 30 days for a full refund. As for any bottles of Stroke 29 that you have already cracked open, you’re just out of luck. There is no money back guarantee for Stroke 29.

Stroke 29 Conclusion

What do you think? Is Stroke 29 for you? If you are looking for just a good masturbation cream, Stroke 29 can probably help you out.

But, maybe you’re looking for a testosterone booster that multi-tasks. There are great male enhancement products out there that can give you the solo benefits of Stroke 29 while also increasing sexual pleasure when you’re not alone. If you want a product that can make you bigger, make you last longer, and make every sexual experience better, Stroke 29 isn’t the one.

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