Supplemax Review

Is your sex life a little less then satisfactory? If you can’t get or maintain an erection, both you and your partner are probably suffering.

How can you get your groove back? Supplemax may be your answer.

So what is Supplemax? With no official website, and almost no information at all, what we know about Supplemax has been pieced together. Hailing from the land down under, Supplemax approaches your sexual virility in a unique way.

Having trouble getting an erection? Can’t maintain one? Need more sexual stamina? Whatever your sexual dysfunction, after a consultation over the phone, a Supplemax regimen is supposedly tailored to meet your individual needs.

In Depth Look at Supplemax’s Ingredients

The information available for Supplemax is almost non-existent, and none of it that I could find is from the actual Supplemax company.
So how do we know if Supplemax works or not? Truthfully, we don’t. There is absolutely no information about the ingredients that Supplemax uses. Anywhere.

An in depth look? I wish! But, there’s really nothing to even look at with Supplemax.

Is Supplemax Safe?

With a non-existent ingredient list, it’s hard to say if Supplemax is safe or not. But, really do you want to take a risk with a product that you know nothing about? Especially when dealing with your sexual health?

Supplemax Price and Guarantee Policy

According to one online reviewer, a 6 month supply of Supplemax will set you back a pretty penny… $800 to be exact.

I don’t know what’s in Supplemax, but it would have to be pretty amazing to justify such a hefty price tag. There are great testosterone boosters that cost a fraction of what Supplemax does.

Since there is no official website for Supplemax (and nobody else seems to be selling Supplemax either), I don’t know how you would even get your hands on some if you wanted to. But, let’s just say that you do. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Supplemax didn’t come with a guarantee.

The Supplemax company is based in Australia, so even if by some miracle you had some and the Supplemax company was willing to give you a refund, you would still have to deal with the very expensive shipping costs for sending your unwanted Supplemax halfway around the world.

Supplemax Conclusion

Don’t waste your time or energy on Supplemax.

Even if you were able to get your hands on some Supplemax, would it be worth it? I don’t think so.

At $800 a pop, your going to be putting more in to Supplemax then you would get out. You can find great testosterone supplements that work and that cost a lot less.

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