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Many testosterone boosters settle for simply mimicking the effects of the male sex hormone without stimulating greater production. This approach works in the short run, but for men who want the long-term benefits of healthy T-levels, it’s only a disappointment. T-Bomb II claims to operate on a higher level.

T-Bomb II belongs to the Maximum Human Performance (MHP) family. MHP is a well-established supplement company based in New Jersey.

According to advertisements, T-Bomb II uses natural ingredients to stimulate greater testosterone production, limit estrogen levels, and improve the body’s ability to use testosterone effectively.

I always like products that take this approach to boosting T-levels, but will it be effective? I decided to find out.

What’s in T-Bomb II?

MHP has included more than 20 ingredients in a 905-mg proprietary blend to power up T-Bomb II. This is a fairly large proprietary blend, but with so many ingredients, this may not be too surprising.

Even so, I’d prefer if MHP had disclosed the actual ingredient amounts on the T-Bomb II nutrition label. Without this information, it’s impossible to tell if each ingredient in T-Bomb II is included in its proven and recommended amount.

For now, however, I’ll settle for analyzing the quality of T-Bomb II’s ingredients. You can find a full list on GNC.com or BodyBuilding.com, but here I’ll highlight the ingredients that stood out to me.


An essential mineral used for many bodily functions, zinc is included in T-Bomb II to prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen. With higher levels of free testosterone, you’re able to get more “bang for your buck,” so to speak. Free testosterone isn’t bound to other hormones in the body, and is therefore able to go where it’s needed.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is an herbal extract commonly included in T-boosters like T-Bomb II. It increases testosterone production, providing many physical benefits. It is especially effective in enhancing libido. These effects are proven in rats, but evidence in humans is anecdotal only [1].


A popular treatment for erectile dysfunction, fenugreek is thought by many to work by increasing testosterone levels. However, this isn’t the case. In a 2009 study, fenugreek failed to significantly raise T-levels in test subjects [2]. In fact, the hormonal profiles both for test subjects and subjects in a control group were similar. Knowing this, I’m not sure why it’s in T-Bomb II. If you have erectile dysfunction symptoms, however, fenugreek may help clear them up.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is another plant-based extract. Often used to treat prostate conditions, saw palmetto shrinks the prostate’s inner lining that puts pressure on tubes carrying urine. More to the point, saw palmetto also increases testosterone uptake and levels of free testosterone.


As an amino acid, l-arginine boosts lean muscle mass. However, its real benefits come from its ability to stimulate nitric oxide production [3]. Nitric oxide is a molecule that expands blood vessels to improve circulation. This means new testosterone will be able to move freely throughout the body.

Other than fenugreek, the ingredients in T-Bomb II are high quality. I like that most are tested and proven effective. I especially like that zinc ensures the new testosterone won’t convert to estrogen, and that l-arginine ensures testosterone gets to where it needs to go.

However, without proper ingredient information, I just can’t be sure that this formula will do the trick. To gauge effectiveness, I have to turn to existing customer reviews.

Do Customers Like T-Bomb II?

Based on reviews left on BodyBuilding.com and GNC.com, T-Bomb II is a fairly solid product. It holds a 7.5/10 rating on BodyBuilding.com and a 3.5/5-star rating on GNC.com. This tells me that while T-Bomb is pretty effective, there are products that customers like better.

Here’s what some customers had to say about their experience with T-Bomb II:

“I take 3 am and 3 pm i play football and had plateaued in the offseason on my bench..in 2nd week of this and already added close to 25 lbs on the bench..can feel it pump every workout” –czerniewski16

“This product works great. It increases your stamina and gives you an increased muscle pump. You will build muscle with this product. Just be careful as it can be caustic to the stomach. It caused erosions to my antrum and gastritis in my stomach. Use as directed and pay close attention to your physicality.” –rammartin

“I took the product as directed every day and night. I have never had Body Odor. I took this product and I will add that I did see a small increase in sex drive. But while on it I noticed I had sever under arm odor all the time. I stopped taking the product, no more BO. Started again for 2 days, BO returned. I have been working out 3 years nearly 365 days a year, and I can honestly say this product is pretty ineffective and not worth smelling bad.” –exsurfgame

Judging by these reviews, it seems that T-Bomb II does contain enough of each ingredient to work. However, it may include dosages that are too high for certain ingredients, as many users complain of side effects. Knowing this, you may have to adjust how you use this product—my next stop on the T-Bomb II tour.

How Do You Use T-Bomb II?

Manufacturers recommend taking a 3-tablet serving twice a day. Take the first serving in the morning and the second in the evening.

Considering the side effects that some users have experienced, it may be a good idea to start with a lower dose and then work up to this recommendation.

Monitor your health while taking T-Bomb II and if you notice something unusual, consult your doctor. Don’t use T-Bomb II for longer than 6 months.

Is T-Bomb II Expensive?

At $79.99, T-Bomb II’s listed price is indeed expensive. However, even a casual bargain shopper can find impressive savings on T-Bomb II.

BodyBuilding.com, for example, sells T-Bomb II for $59.99 per bottle. You can get an even better deal on GNC.com, where T-Bomb II sells for $39.98 a bottle.

Each bottle lasts 2 months, which is a pretty good deal. You can also get a 4-month supply for $79.99 on BodyBuilding.com.

Should You Try T-Bomb II?

If you’re shopping on a budget, T-Bomb II may be worth a try. However, there are better T-boosters available if you’re willing to pay a little more. If you do choose T-Bomb II, be sure to start slow and monitor your health.


[1] Gauthaman, K., P.G. Adaikan, and R.N.V. Prasad. 2002. Aphrodisiac properties of Tribulus terrestris extract in normal and castrated rats. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

[2] Taylor, Lem, Colin Wilborn, Brandon Bushey, Chris Poole, Cliffa Foster, Bill Campbell, Richard Kreider, and Darryn Willoughby. 2009. Fenugreek extract supplementations has no effect on the hormonal profile of resistance-strained males. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise: Vol. 41, Issue 5.

[3] Palmer, R.M.J., D.S. Ashton, and S. Moncada. 1988. Vascular endothelial cells synthesize nitric oxide from L-arginine. Nature: Vol. 333, 664-666.

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