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Tribulus terrestris is one of the most common testosterone-boosting ingredients because it has been shown to increase testosterone levels naturally and without many adverse side-effects. Most supplements contain about 500-700 daily milligrams of tribulus, but Test Freak contains even more than that.

According to the label, Test Freak contains 1000mg of tribulus terrestris, which is bound to provide you with muscle-building results. But what about the rest of Test Freak? We are going to break this supplement down to see just how safe and effective it is.

What Makes Test Freak Unique

Many testosterone boosters contain fenugreek extract as a testosterone-boosting ingredient. However, there isn’t much general research backing up this natural ingredient. However, Test Freak contains a patented form of fenugreek called Testofen that has undergone some testing. According to some studies, Testofen has been shown to increase levels of free testosterone and increase lean muscle.

Another unique quality of Test Freak is that it contains anti-aromatase ingredients that aren’t typically found in testosterone boosters, Hesperidin and Apigenin. These ingredients haven’t been truly tested because they are relatively new to the market, but they are designed to reduce the production of estrogen.


Test Freak is packed with ingredients you are probably familiar with like tribulus terrestris, zinc, and magnesium. Tribulus terrestris has been studied and shown to increase testosterone by stimulating the pituitary gland. Magnessium allows testosterone to remain ‘free’ by occupying the sex hormone binding globulin. Zinc is considered one of the most powerful testosterone-boosting minerals.

Test Freak also contains Saw Palmetto extract, which is common among hair loss products because it helps to reduce the production of DHT, which can lead to male pattern baldness. Since saw palmetto extract reduces the production of DHT, you don’t have to worry about hair loss.


Because of the high volume of active ingredients and the research behind them, Test Freak is sold for around $60, which is a relatively high price for a testosterone booster.

Also, there is no money back guarantee that comes with Test Freak because you can’t purchase it directly from the manufacturer. This means if you don’t like the results you are getting from Test Freak, you won’t be able to get your money back.


Despite the price and the fact that there isn’t a money back guarantee, we still recommend Test Freak because it contains the right amount of proven ingredients like tribulus terrestris and Testofen. There is a very little risk of side-effects because Test Freak contains DHT and aromatase inhibitors so you don’t have to worry about balding or weight gain. We would recommend Test Freak to anybody willing to pay the extra money for something that works.

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