Test X180 Alpha

Test X180 AlphaThe most recent Force Factor product to hit the market is Test X180 Alpha. What happened to the original Test X180?

With the addition of “alpha,” Test X180 Alpha seems to have become the “new-and-improved” version.

I wanted to know just how new and improved Test X180 Alpha really is. So, I took an in-depth look. Is it really better than the original? Hopefully, my review has the answers you’re looking for.

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How Is Test X180 Alpha Different?

If you compare the bottles, Test X180 Alpha looks a lot like Test X180. But when I looked inside, I could see the differences. First, Test X180 Alpha promises to provide more benefits. It is supposed to…

• Heighten libido
• Enhance sexual performance
• Strengthen blood flow
• Build lean muscle mass
• Maximize power and stamina

Second, although Test X180 Alpha has a few of the same ingredients as Test X180, most are different.

The Ingredients

The Test X180 Alpha ingredients are split into two proprietary blends:

Sexual Performance Blend (860 mg):
• L-Citrulline – increases nitric oxide and blood flow. One study shows it improves erection hardness and treats erectile dysfunction.[1]
• Catuaba Bark – believed to enhance sexual desire.
• Maca Root – used as an aphrodisiac. It may increase sex drive and improve performance, but no studies support this.
• Damiana Leaf – may boost libido and enhance pleasure.
• Muira Puama – supposedly improves erections.

Free Testosterone Boosting Blend (350 mg):
• Testofen – maintains healthy testosterone levels and increases muscle strength. It also enhances sexual arousal and orgasms.[2]
• White Mushroom – inhibits aromatase from converting testosterone into estrogen.[3]
• Stinging Nettle Root Extract – attaches to Sex Hormone Binding Globulins, which makes more free testosterone available.[4]
• Chrysin – may increase free testosterone. Research is inconclusive and contradictory.
• DIM – reduces estrogen, which promotes healthy testosterone levels.[5]

The Pros & Cons of Proprietary Blends

Test X180 Alpha’s proprietary blends hide individual ingredient dosages. Only the two total dosages are shown.

I never like to see proprietary blends used. They benefit the company by allowing them to keep their formula a secret. But blends can harm consumers because they can’t see what they’re getting.

Sometimes blends do contain safe, effective dosages. So, consumers don’t need to be concerned (of course, they have no way to know this). But other times, companies take advantage of consumers’ trust by using unsafe or inadequate dosages.

To be safe and effective, Test X180 Alpha must contain proven dosages. Here are two examples I gathered from the research:

• L-Citrulline: 1,500 mg a day[1]
• Testofen: 600 mg a day[2]

I don’t have to see the individual dosages to know Test X180 Alpha doesn’t have these amounts. The blend with L-citrulline is 640 mg too small and the blend with Testofen falls short 250 mg. Even if you take 2 servings a day like Force Factor recommends, you won’t get effective dosages since other ingredients are included in these blends as well.

It may be that Force Factor has based their formula off different studies than the ones I found. If this is the case, Test X180 Alpha may contain proven dosages because not every study uses the same amounts. However, the official website does not mention any studies or provide any references. I found my own studies and have based my analysis off this research.

Test X180 Alpha Safety

Test X180 Alpha contains safe, natural ingredients. But I don’t know if the dosages it uses are safe because I can’t see them. Huge dosages give the body more of a substance than it can handle. Depending on the ingredient, a huge dosage can cause mild side effects or serious health problems.

I don’t know how likely or unlikely Test X180 Alpha is to cause side effects. Because it’s new, I couldn’t find any online consumer reviews. So, I’m not sure if consumers experience side effects or what the side effects might be. As more reviews are posted, this information will become available.

Recommended Usage

Each Test X180 Alpha bottle holds 120 capsules. One serving is 2 capsules and you take 2 servings a day.

For best results, combine Test X180 Alpha with regular exercise. On days you work out, take 2 capsules with breakfast. Then, take 2 more capsules 30 minutes before your workout. On rest days, take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 with lunch.

The best exercises for increasing testosterone are compound exercises such as bench presses, deadlifts, and squats.

About Force Factor

Force Factor was started by two Harvard University rowers in 2009. Within a year, the company won GNC’s “Rising Star” award. Each year, this award goes to a new brand or product that experiences excellent sales growth within a 1-2 year period.

Force Factor has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since July 2010. They have an A- rating because the number of complaints they’ve received is small for a company their size. Currently, there are 145 complaints and Force Factor made efforts to resolve all of them. Only 3 people rejected the solution.

Here’s what people complained about:

• Billing/Collection Issues – 56
• Advertising/Sales Issues – 40
• Problems with Product/Service – 28
• Delivery Issues – 20
• Guarantee/Warranty Issues – 1

The reason Force Factor doesn’t have a higher rating is because they haven’t been in business very long.

How Much Does Test X180 Alpha Cost?

Test X180 Alpha is not an affordable testosterone supplement. Each bottle lasts 30 days and costs $139.99. Right now, there are only two places to buy it online: ForceFactor.com and GNC.com. Both sites sell it for $139.99. There is no discount for buying more than one bottle.

Return Policy

When you buy from GNC.com, you can get a refund within 30 days. However, the product must be unused and in its original, sealed packaging.

ForceFactor.com’s return policy is better: “We provide a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that we offer a complete refund (less shipping and handling) for any returned product postmarked within 30 days of the date the product was shipped to you.”

You won’t get a refund from Force Factor unless you obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization number from customer service. Here’s their contact information:

• Phone: 1-877-492-7243 (M-F 8am-10pm; Sat 9am-5:30pm)
• Address: 4309 Distribution Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37416


Test X180 Alpha is the new Test X180. But I’m still not sure if it’s the improved version. Right now, Test X180 has a 3/5 star ratings from 29 reviews on GNC.com. This rating isn’t very high, so Test X180 Alpha may be able to surpass it. We’ll just have to wait and see what consumers say.

I’m impressed with how many proven ingredients Test X180 Alpha contains. However, I’m concerned because I can’t see if consumers are getting safe, effective dosages. If you’re paying $140, I think you should be able to see just what you’re getting.

I don’t recommend buying Test X180 Alpha because I’m not confident it’s safe and effective. This may change if new information becomes available. But I still think you could find better and more affordable supplements than Test X180 Alpha.


[1] Cormio, L, M De Siati, et al. “Oral L-citrulline supplementation improves erection hardness in men with mild erectile dysfunction.” Urology. 77.1 (2011): 119.22.

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[5] Rajoria, S, R Suriano, et al. “3,3′-diindolylmethane modulates estrogen metabolism in patients with thyroid proliferative disease: a pilot study.” Thyroid. 21.3 (2011): 299-304.

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