Test X180 Ignite
Test X180 Ignite is advertised as an all-in-one male vitality supplement.

It is formulated to boost testosterone, burn fat, build muscle, and increase sex drive.

“Test X180 Ignite keeps me at the top of my game 100% of the time,” says Vernon Davis, a professional football player for the San Francisco 49ers.

But can a supplement really deliver on all of these claims? This review takes a look at all there is to know about Test X180 Ignite.

Is Test X180 Ignite Affordable?

One Test X180 Ignite bottle retails for around $80.00 on GNC.com and the official website, ForceFactor.com. Each bottle provides roughly 60 servings.

Test X180 Ignite is a slightly more expensive than Test X180, a testosterone boosting supplement. However, this price difference isn’t unreasonable, considering Test X180 Ignite purportedly boosts more than just testosterone.

Are the Ingredients Worth It?

Ingredients in Test X180 Ignite are listed in 2 proprietary blends. The manufacturer doesn’t provide individual ingredient doses, which makes it impossible to determine whether each ingredient in Test X180 Ignite is effective.

I highlighted some key ingredients in each proprietary blend:

Caffeine Anhydrous is a stimulant shown to have notable effects on anaerobic exercise (chest press) and weight loss when administered in 5 mg/kg and 8 mg/kg, respectively. [1] [2]

Side effects associated with caffeine use include stomach irritation, nausea, restlessness, insomnia, and increased heart rate. [3]

There may be enough caffeine in Test X180 Ignite to improve athletic performance and weight loss, but I can’t be sure.

Green Tea Leaf Extract is used for enhancing weight loss and combating obesity. Its main component, catechins, have been studied for fat burning potential.

One study shows test subjects experienced reductions in body fat when they supplemented 690 mg catechins for 12 weeks. [4]

This ingredient is found in both proprietary blends. Consequently, there might be enough to enhance fat burning.

Horny Goat Weed is used to influence testosterone levels due to its key ingredient icariin. Icariin has been shown in clinical studies to mimic testosterone’s effects and may even be used to improve testosterone deficiencies. [5] Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate clinically-studied doses.

Horny goat weed may cause nosebleeds, vomiting, thirst, and dizziness. [6]

Testofen Fenugreek Seed Extract is patented by Gencor Pacific, Inc, believed to boost testosterone levels. However, studies are contradicting.

Gencor Pacific, Inc, conducted a study and discovered 600 mg Testofen fenugreek led to higher free testosterone levels. [7]

Another study administered 500 mg fenugreek extract or a placebo to several test subjects. Researchers report the fenugreek extract did not “affect hormonal status in resistance trained males and shows no anabolic potential as has been purported.” [8]

More About the Company

Force Factor is a sports nutrition brand founded in 2009 with headquarters in Massachusetts. The company was awarded the Rising Star award by GNC shortly after.

The company isn’t BBB accredited, and there is no rating.

The company is well established, with a wide range of supplements under its belt, including Nitric Oxide Booster, Test X180 Alpha, and Body Rush X, all of which receive favorable reviews on GNC.com.

Is Test X180 Ignite Used Daily?

Test X180 Ignite usage directions depend on whether you exercise the day of ingestion.

Workout Days: Take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules 30 minutes before working out.

Non-Workout Days: Take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with lunch.

Users may need to adjust ingestion time prior to working out depending on tolerance to Test X180 Ignite.

Should You Consider Test X180 Ignite?

Its “all-in-one” claim seems to be supported with its key ingredients. However, whether there is enough of each ingredient in the formula remains unknown.

For those sensitive to caffeine, Test X180 Ignite may not be the best choice.

For those that already spend money on fat burners, testosterone boosters, and male enhancements, Test X180 Ignite may be a viable option.


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