Test X180

Test X180

Test X180 shares a lot of similarities with other top-rated testosterone supplements.

Test X180 is supposed to increase testosterone and help you have more energy and build more muscle mass.

Now, what I want to know is if Test X180 is safe and effective. Let’s find out!

Test X180 Ingredients

Test X180 has a Growth Enhancement Matrix (400 mg) of the following ingredients:

Testofen is the same thing as Fenugreek; it has just been patented. This herb became popular several months ago when studies showed that it helps increase testosterone production and make more free testosterone available.

Panax ginseng and Siberian ginseng are well-known for being aphrodisiacs and natural energy stimulants. Some studies show that they help increase testosterone too.

Test X180
Cordyceps Sinensis has been used for years in traditional Asian medicine. However, its medicinal benefits have never been tested on humans.

Tribulus Terrestris is used today by bodybuilders, but before that, it was used for thousands of years as an aphrodisiac by the Chinese.

Studies show that this plant may increase levels of luteinizing hormones, which trigger the production of testosterone.

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Are the Right Doses Used?

Although Test X180 has a few clinically proven ingredients, I’m not sure what amounts are used because they are in a proprietary blend. The website mentions briefly that there are 300 mg Testofen per capsule. 300 mg Testofen twice a day is a clinically-proven amount of Testofen.

This leaves 100 mg for Tribulus Terrestris, ginseng, and Cordyceps. Studies show that you need at least 400 mg of Tribulus Terrestris and 100 mg of ginseng daily for these to be effective. Since Cordyceps hasn’t been tested on humans, there isn’t a recommended amount.

Will Test X180 Cause Side Effects?

Panax and Siberian ginseng are stimulants, but they’re mild so the chances of either one causing side effects is probably low.

Testofen and Tribulus Terrestris are generally considered to be safe. Test X180 has the clinically-proven amount of Testofen and it has less than the recommended amount of Tribulus, so I don’t think either of these ingredients will cause serious side effects.

What Do Users Say About It?

There aren’t many reviews of Test X180 online, but I was able to find a couple dozen on GNC’s website. The average rating people gave this testosterone supplement is 2.8 out of 5. 45% of people said they would recommend Test X180 to others.

What’s the Best Way to Use Test X180?

Each bottle of Test X180 has 60 capsules and each one is a serving. To get the proven dose of Testofen, you’ll need to take 2 capsules/servings a day.

The manufacturer suggests taking 1 capsule with breakfast and another, 30 minutes before your workout or with lunch.

If your goal is to build muscle with the help of Test X180, you will need to follow a strength-training program as well.

Is Test X180 Affordable and Guaranteed?

Test X180 costs about $70 when you buy it from GNC. GNC has a return policy, but they only issue refunds for products that have been unopened and unused. There is also a free trial option.

Update 10/1/2013: Turns out a lot of people are having issues with the free trial of Test X180. In the fine print it says that you will be sent a bottle of Test X180 and charged $74.98 + tax every 30 days. So “free” turns out to be pretty expensive if you don’t cancel your subscription. Sneaky, sneaky.

The Final Say on Test X180

Two servings of Test X180 have the clinically proven dose of Testofen, but not of the other ingredients. It received mixed reviews from consumers, so it might not work for everyone. Be sure to take this into account when deciding on a testosterone supplement.

Have you tried Test X180? I want to know if it worked for you or not. Feel free to share your experience and opinion below.

Test X180, 2.8 out of 5 based on 19 ratings

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Test X180 Customer Reviews

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  1. Michael Schoenecke 01/08/2013

    You have charged my bank account and I haven’t received a thing!

    • Rico 07/19/2013

      I haven’t received a thing either!!!! Does anybody know how to get my product or money?!

      • Larry 12/12/2013


  2. tom leahy 01/24/2013

    I have returns but no one answers phone.

  3. raymond marciano 01/28/2013

    way r u charging my account, call nme sap

    • Anonymous 01/28/2013

      Unfortunately we do not process any shipments or cancellations because we don’t sell any products. We only review them.

      To cancel your purchase, you need to contact the website where you made your order.

    • Ken Christian 08/12/2013

      My account has been charged for the intial purchase. However, I now have a second chagrge which is unauthorized. If anyone has a number for contact, please share it. I sent an email with my cell# for them to contact me.

      • Scott Perreault 10/30/2013

        If u go to website, contact us and drop down under freqent questions, select cancel membership will link to phone number. Couple minutes on hold and then talked to cust service. Had no problem dealing with them, actually offered to reduce price 40%, which I accepted

  4. Ro Robert 02/08/2013

    I ask for the 14 day free trial now they have charged my bank account some 74 dollars for a new supply without my aprovial.as far as the product in my opinion it is worthlesss’

  5. Dennis Bynum 03/17/2013

    I am just about to turn 54 in two days. I am a personal trainer at golds gym in Martinsburg WV. I have been taking test 180 along with force factor for 6 months. I find the results outstanding. i have noticed more lean muscle mass. Exercise endurance and definelty increased libido. I also tsake Force Factor. I appreciate your earlier review. For me, I do not want to risk my health to take something with higher levels of testosterone. I would recommend it to anyone over 40 By the way way you can order from the web site at an astounding 29.95. At less than half the retail price. It works for me I feel stronger in and out of bed

    • Erik 09/06/2014

      Yah I am getting results, more energy feel stronger and a bit more leaner, lost 10 pounds, it’s working for me, I’m over 40 and feel great using this product.

  6. Charlie Peoples 03/29/2013


    • david 09/10/2013

      IIf you want to stop them from charging your accouint, just call this number 1-855-testx and tell them you do not want anymore pills billed to your bank account. I did it today and they sent me a cancellation to my email for proof that it was canceled. Don`t wait until they bill you again. They will also try to knock $10.00 off just to keep you on the order list. Just tell them Hell no and that will end the charge.

  7. fred case 04/18/2013

    please donot send qany more of the product the dr.does not want me to take it because of my blood presure thanks. mr fred case

    • Anonymous 04/19/2013

      Hi Fred, we are a review site, and we don’t sell any products. To cancel your shipments, you will need to contact the company or website you made your initial purchase through. Good luck!

  8. T.Boyer 04/20/2013

    i have tried this product and did not find where it helped me at all. i did not call within the 18 days and they charged me for the next bottle and i am upset there is no number to contact them. i have e-mailed them but i will have my bank quit accepting charges from this company.

    • Robert 02/05/2014

      Best thing to do when you fall for these scams is to close your credit card after the initial order.

      Just call you card company and let them know whats going to happen, then if they charge it once more, you call your credit card people and they will remove it for you.

      The credit card company will not make you pay for anything you didn’t order.

  9. K Edwards 04/22/2013

    Unfortunately it seems to be a waste of money. I took this thinking I would get an extra boost while lifting in the gym, I was wrong. I Have taken this as recommended for 22 days with no positive results.

  10. toney 07/09/2013

    So far I have taken 44 pills,resultats are nil.Waste of money, would not recommend
    this product to anyone!!!

  11. U. Oquendo 08/16/2013

    Force Factor is a rip -off. When you try the free sample it does not say they will bill you automatic and send you more X180 in 15 days. However, they cover themself by writing it on their site. And X180 is a scam, don’t try it.

  12. James C. Goodwin 08/26/2013

    TEST X180 works for me and boost my sex Drive
    and Libido – Muscle Mass

    • tony 11/10/2014

      Hello James please advise me long have you been taking it.and when did you start seeing results.thanks

  13. John doe 10/23/2013

    Don’t need too be spending my hard earn cash Bull *#%!!!!

  14. r j b 12/12/2013

    this product sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Doc Hack 01/06/2014

    Consumers – this is legalized thievery. I received their ‘free’ sample for the ‘Shipping Fee’ of $4.99 – not a problem with me. But before their 18 days was up, my CREDIT CARD WAS BILLED around $80 and I received a bottle of 120 capsules that I did not request. At this point, a credit card change was the only answer when I realized what they are up to. Their phone number is a joke – you just hear one commercial after another. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. Do you know WHERE all their 5-STAR RATINGS COME FROM? Everyone who WORKS for this crooked company gives it a 5-STAR review, THAT’S HOW. If you want to PART WITH YOUR MONEY, then go ahead and order this powdered alfalfa.

  16. Fidel Castro 02/01/2014

    When they showed pictures of “celeb’s” all jacked up on this stuff, that in it self should had been a red flag for those who was thinking about buying this junk. now one must think to himself ” these dude’s look so big that they have to be taking something else”? you guy’s that got rip off I would be calling the fed’s and have them investigated.

  17. Robert 02/05/2014

    This is just a suggestion for everyone on here. Please always read all the fine print in these free samples.

    Nothing is ever FREE, so they will keep charging your account every 30 days rather you get your supplement or not. Because you agreed to it when you made the order.

  18. Earnie Ferguson 02/19/2014

    I was very skeptical about test X 180 and was on my 4th or 5th day when I called and had a hellof a time canceling this from being charged to my account but the man did make a good offer but I canceled! On day 6 or 7 taking only 1 In the morning I started to notice that a lot of my aches and pains was going away and I had bunches more energy. As far as the enhancement, unfortunately for me I am between partners but I can tell you at 50 I haven’t woken to a morning erection since high school so I am sure that part works as well! I would for sure recommend and tell you to wait before canceling it but still call them, you can get a better deal!!!

  19. Earnie Ferguson 02/19/2014

    Try the free sample but give it time to work!

  20. Stator Scraper 02/20/2014

    I grew a ten inch tool in 15 days using this. My wife wants to make a home movie and sell on internet and she is going to ask her hot friend to join in too..
    I owe it all to x180.

  21. Mike Smith 04/03/2014

    For one, if you want to use this supplement you can get it on ebay for $33 to $35 a bottle. Second, I’m 49 yrs old and have used it for about a year now and it works for me in everyway. I have more strenght, energy and sex drive than ever before. The only draw back is I’m very aggressive. Now I use lots of dumbbells because of bad shoulders, but I went from benching with 50lbs to benching 90lbs. Now to me that is a big improvement. Now, third and last I’m retired Military and get a check up with labs every 6 months and my labs have come back saying that I have an unusually high testosterone level for my age. I only take it as directed. But now going to try two based on what was stated prior. It works for me, but everyone is different.

  22. Michael 05/07/2014

    Those of you that are saying this works should’ve had your T levels checked prior to then after your cycle on TEST X 180. I did, and there was no change. What you are experiencing is called the placebo effect. Save your monry or stop being lazy and find something legitimate… it’s really not that hard. Mike Smith, the only way you’ll have “unusually high testosterone” is if you’re juicing. There’s a scale for measuring testosterone in men between 18-80 years old. If you fall anywhere on that chart 350ng-1200ng you’re considered normal no matter your age.

  23. mike 06/09/2014

    never got my free ($4.99 shipping) trial and I am already being charged $84.98 for the next batch, how sneaky. everyone needs to stay away from these guys, tried calling their support line and only get messages.

  24. Jpl 07/14/2014

    This is a legal scam. See all comments above. If u give them cc info to pay for free trial shipping of 4.95, u are really authorizing them to hit ur card for $80 a month

  25. ELBERT MOORE 08/05/2014

    TEST X180 works for me, if you take it just the way they instruct you, you will see in a very short period of time your muscel,libeto,energy,all will change for the better.

  26. John 09/21/2014

    I just ordered the sample. I wish I read the comments here first. When (and if) I receive my order for the so Called FREE trial, I will call to cancel. I use a walmart card that needs to be loaded up, basically a debit credit card. I keep only a limited amount on it for purchases like this. No money on the card, then no charge possible . I’ll cancel the card if it becomes a mess.

    • Buck 10/19/2014

      Your logic is incorrect. once they get the order, they have already got a contract with the cc company. They will just go ahead and run your bill over the limit. And, cancelling the card doesn’t help, because of the existing contract. They always rebill the card before you get free samples. They will probably charge for first pills too, unless you cancel within time period. The first “sample” is only free, usually, if account is cancelled before trial period is up. This means cancelling before you even get the sample.

  27. Dave 12/02/2014

    Just started taking it. Gonna give it my best shot. Not worries about the sex drive. I use to life all the time and started to notice my muscle mass wouldn’t increase and I was dog tired at my lat sets (more then normal). I’m hoping it will give good gains. But as normal need a consistent workout. Will report back after a week.

    FYI: ALWAYS READ YOUR FINE PRINT. Had no problems cancelling then ordering on eBay. You only get screwed if you assume the position. Will

  28. Paul Flatley 12/12/2014

    This company, Force Factor, is a cheating, ruthless disgrace. The 14 Day free trial is not free…..because they charge you monthly even though you haven’t decided after the free trial if you want to order anymore. They say it is part of the Free Trial. I am still trying to remove myself from their accounts. I will not except anymore charges to my credit card! My attorney is informed and ready…..enough is enough!!!!

  29. Edmond calliste 07/14/2017

    Had the same problem with this company when this product hit the market. They don’t even wait for your response. They charge your card. Sent me 2 bots even if you don’t request it and charge your card. I cancelled my card to stop the charges and filed a disput claim with my bank.

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