Most testosterone supplements are for men only. But Libido Edge Labs has TestaEdge for Men and TestaEdge for Women.

Men aren’t the only ones who deal with testosterone deficiency. So, I’m glad to see a testosterone supplement for women. Now, I want to know if both products are effective and safe. Let’s see what a little research shows…

What Ingredients Are Used?

The first thing I did was compare the formulas. I expected to see many differences, but I was shocked. TestaEdge for Men and TestaEdge for Women are identical! Here are the key ingredients:

Damiana – may boost libido, enhance sexual pleasure, and increase testosterone. It has not been proven.

Gingko Biloba – increases sex drive and blood flow, which enhances erections.

GABA – calms the brain and reduces anxiety. It improves sleep quality as well.

Horny Goat Weed – raises testosterone levels, which boosts sexual desire. It also promotes blood flow and improves erections.

Mucuna Pruriens – contains levodopa, which increases dopamine levels. Sexual desire and arousal are enhanced when dopamine levels rise.

Tribulus Terrestris – stimulates the testes to produce testosterone. One study showed that tribulus terrestris raises testosterone up to 40%.[1]

TestaEdge contains many more ingredients, but only a few are testosterone boosters. You can see the complete list on Libido Edge Lab’s website.

Is TestaEdge Effective?

TestaEdge has a few effective ingredients. However, these need to absorb properly or they won’t be effective. For example, if TestaEdge is too thick, it won’t absorb through your skin. I don’t know what the consistency is.

Many testosterone supplements have ingredients that enhance absorption. TestaEdge does not use any.

Is TestaEdge Safe?

TestaEdge contains safe, natural ingredients. However, it may cause skin irritation for people who have sensitive skin. If a rash occurs, stop using it.

Customer Reviews

I found 10 customer reviews on LuckyVitamin.com. They were all positive except one. People who liked TestaEdge say it increases testosterone, energy, and libido and doesn’t cause side effects. The negative reviewer saw no results after two weeks.

Ten reviews are better than none. Unfortunately, ten reviews don’t tell me if most users think TestaEdge is safe and effective.

How to Use TestaEdge

Rub 1/2 to 1 teaspoon into clean, dry skin. Hairless skin on your inner arms, stomach, or chest is best because it has visible capillaries. Apply TestaEdge 45 minutes before a workout or sexual activity.

Do not consume it or use it as a lubricant.

Where to Buy TestaEdge Securely

TestaEdge is not available on well-known retail sites (e.g. Amazon.com). The official website doesn’t look very professional. However, it has been “validated and is secure for online transactions” by Network Solutions®. Each TestaEdge product costs $29.78 on LibidoEdgeLabs.com. The site also offers a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, which covers used products.

Another secure retailer is LuckyVitamin.com. They only sell TestaEdge for Women. It costs $29.95.


Most of TestaEdge’s ingredients are not clinically proven. Since it only has a few testosterone-boosting ingredients, TestaEdge may not be very effective. I don’t know if it absorbs well enough to be effective either. Customer reviews are limited, so I don’t know if people think TestaEdge is safe and effective.

I don’t recommend that men or women try TestaEdge. Instead, men should find a powerful, top-rated testosterone supplement.


[1] Brown, G, M Vukovich, et al. “Effects of anabolic precursors on serum testosterone concentrations and adaptations to resistance training in young men.” International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. 10.3 (2000): 340-59.

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