Testosterone and Weight Loss – Can Boosting Your Testosterone Really Help?

If that fat surrounding your abdomen jiggles heartily as you go about your daily tasks, it may be time to ask the question: how do I take control of my weight?

And if just walking up the stairs leaves you huffing and puffing, you might want to look at your testosterone levels too.

Testosterone and Weight Loss

Traditional research shows testosterone and weight loss are linked.

Aromatase, an enzyme in fat tissue, turns testosterone into estrogen. [1] Hence, the more weight you gain and the heavier you get, the lower your testosterone levels plummet.

If you’re one of many men suffering from with weight related problems, understanding testosterone’s effects on fat burning process is crucial to turning your health around.

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Turn the Table On Fat

Testosterone levels decrease as we age due to increasing susceptibility to illness. Researchers indicate aging past 35-40 years results in a 1-3% decline in testosterone production per year. [2]

Low testosterone levels and deficiencies generally result in more abdominal fat. [3] However, higher testosterone levels and supplementation are shown to increase lean body mass and reduce fat mass and body mass index in men with diminished gonad activity. [4]

Luckily, there are several ways to optimize testosterone levels to amplify weight loss.

Zinc – One clinical study shows the relationship between serum testosterone levels and zinc consumption. Test subjects were put under dietary zinc restrictions for 20 weeks. Researchers discovered this zinc restriction resulted in a “significant decrease in serum testosterone.” Zinc supplementation in marginally zinc-deficient men resulted in testosterone increases. [5]

To meet recommended dietary allowances, men should consume around 8 – 11 mg per day. [6] Here is a look at some zinc-rich foods you should incorporate into meals:

• Oyster
• Beef
• Pork chop

Getting enough zinc in your diet supports healthy testosterone levels and indirectly affects weight loss.

Lift Weights – Lifting weights and other anaerobic exercise burns calories and boosts testosterone production.

One clinical study analyzed anaerobic exercise’s effects on testosterone production in weight lifters over several years. Researchers noticed strength training increased serum testosterone concentrations and luteinizing hormone (a hormone that stimulates testes to produce more testosterone). [7]

A similar study looked at weight lifting’s effects on testosterone production in old and young men. Researchers noted exercise triggered testosterone release in all test subjects; however, the response in younger men was greater than the older individuals. [8]

Despite differences in testosterone production in young and old men, the importance of this study lies in the fact that testosterone release is triggered as a result of anaerobic exercise, regardless of age. [8]

Here are some basic strength training exercises for those who don’t know where to get started:

• Chest press
• Hammer curls
• Upright rows
• Dips

Get cracking at the gym with exercises that boost testosterone, contribute to weight loss, and build muscle.

Take Supplements – Using testosterone supplements with clinically-proven testosterone-boosting ingredients like those found on eSupplements.com is another great way to increase weight loss and support healthy testosterone levels.

Horny Goat Weed – This ingredient is studied for its icariin content. Icariin is shown to mimic testosterone properties. An animal study shows icariin “improved condition of reproductive organs and increased circulating levels of testosterone.” [9]

Tribulus Terrestris – Tribulus terrestris is often included in testosterone boosting supplements because it was shown to increase testosterone for the first 10 days of an experiment. [10]

Eurycoma Longifolia – Also known as tongkat ali, eurycoma longifolia is well-known for its testosterone boosting abilities in cases of men with late-onset hypogonadism. Eurycoma longifolia supplementation resulted in improved AMS (Ageing Male Symptoms) scores and serum testosterone concentration. [11]

In addition, most testosterone-boosting supplements provide necessary zinc amounts to cover all the bases. These supplements often contain additional ingredients to restore libido and increase sex drive.

There is no magic pill, but proper supplementation with healthy physical activity is a great combination to support testosterone and improve weight loss.


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