Testosterone Success

New testosterone supplement, Testosterone Success claims that it will help you “lift more” and “increase passion” in your life.

Are these valid claims or just daydreams?

Is there any reason why you should support this new product over the many other testosterone supplements on the market?

I researched Testosterone Success to find out.

What Are the Ingredients?

Ingredients make or break health supplements. If the ingredients aren’t effective, the product isn’t effective. There are 17 total “premium” ingredients in Testosterone Success.

The key ingredients include:

Velvet deer antler has been used in Asia for thousands of years to treat a variety of illnesses. Currently, many people swear this ingredient increases testosterone while improving fertility and libido.[1] It can also be used to treat high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Muira puama, otherwise known as “Viagra of the Amazon”, has been traditionally used to treat a variety of issues ranging from impotence in men to digestive orders.[2] Though many people swear by it, modern studies on muira puama’s effectiveness are inconclusive.[3]

Yohimbe bark. Many athletes use this ingredient to enhance their training but it’s much more than just a performance enhancer. Yohimbe bark also improves moods and even treats impotence.[4]

Tribulus terrestris is a popular ingredient found in many health supplements. People swear it increases muscle strength, produces more lean muscle, and even enhances sexual prowess. However, recent studies put these claims into question.[5][6]

Panax ginseng is a natural ingredient that increases spermatozoa and improves motility.[7] It also increases the availability of free testosterone in the body.

Damiana is a wild shrub that is mainly used as an aphrodisiac. However, there are no clinical studies directly evidencing this claim.

Epimedium, also known as “horny goat weed”, has traditionally been used to improve sex drive. In fact, a recent study shows that epimedium does affect penile erection in animals.[8]

Eurycoma longifolia jack improves sex drive in rats.[9]

DHEA (dehydroepiandorosterone) , is naturally made by the body. It can slow the effects of aging while increasing muscle mass and strength. It also treats erectile dysfunction (ED).[10]

Pregnenolone is a natural steroid hormone. It increases energy while fighting fatigue.

In sum, Testosterone Success appears to have many potent ingredients. However, there are not many clinical studies supporting the claims many of these ingredients make.

Are There Potential Side Effects?

While Supplemental Success fails to list any possible side effects, some ingredients are known to cause negative side effects:

• Yohimbe causes skin flushing, rashes, and dizziness. It can even cause hallucinogenic effects and raise your risk for seizures.

• Tribulus terrestris often causes difficulty sleeping.

• Damiana causes headaches and insomnia. High levels of damiana can even cause convulsions.

• Epimedium can cause upset stomach, dry mouth, as well as irregular heartbeat.

If Supplemental Success could share the exact ingredient amounts, we could determine whether these side effects are likely with Testosterone Success.

How Do I Use It?

The official product site simply states that you take two capsules daily in the morning.

What About User Reviews?

I really enjoy to read user reviews when deciding whether a health supplement product is effective and worth my money. Unfortunately, since Testosterone Success is so new, there are no user reviews available online.

Where Can I Buy It?

Currently, the only place Testosterone Success is for sale is on the manufacturer’s website. Supplemental Success sells Testosterone Success for $59.99 a bottle. You can get discounts if you buy bulk from the company, however.

Is There Any Sort of Guarantee?

Supplemental Success stands behind their products and provides a 30-day money back guarantee on Testosterone Success. Here is the information they provide on their website:

1. Request return within 30 days of purchase
2. Contact us first, and we will give you a RMA # and return address
3. If you ordered multiple, only one can be opened.
4. If you re-order, you’re clearly satisfied and you get no guarantee
5. Don’t try and cheat us. We work hard to help you succeed
6. We can only accept returns that were purchased online not from in stores

It looks like a solid guarantee especially for such a young company.

So Should I Try Testosterone Success?

Since the product is so untried and many of the ingredients not backed by clinical studies on humans, I cannot in good faith recommend this product at this time.

Wait until there are user reviews on this product before investing time and money.


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