TestroVax Review

Low testosterone can decrease energy, sex drive, and athleticism. TestroVax supposedly boosts testosterone levels so you can see improvements in each of these areas.

There are plenty of testosterone supplements claiming to work but few that actually do. Is TestroVax one that really works?

Inside the Formula

TestroVax is a proprietary blend of several ingredients, vitamins and minerals. I’ll highlight some of the main ingredients here:

Schizonepeta Powder: Despite its scary name, schizonepeta is traditionally used for colds, fevers, and skin conditions. It does not have any effect, however, on testosterone or libido.

Fenugreek Seed:This plant extract is used for stomach aches, constipation, and inflammation. Fenugreek also treats erectile dysfunction, though there isn’t much scientific proof to back claims.

Resveratrol:An antioxidant found in red wine and grapes, resveratrol is used to treat blood clots and high cholesterol. Healthy blood flow is important to building muscle.

Resveratrol prohibits pre-fat cells from turning into mature fat cells. It also keeps your body from storing more fat if it already has enough. [1]

Grape Seed and Skin Extracts:Grape improves circulation, prevents heart and blood vessel disease, and acts as a laxative. Better circulation leads to better erections.

Rhodiola Rosea Root Powder:Roseroot increases energy, stamina, and strength. It shortens recovery time after extended workouts. Roseroot has many other uses, including strengthening the immune and nervous systems.

According to some clinical studies, roseroot improves physical performance. But there is not enough clinical research to back up these claims. [2]

Licorice Powder:Licorice treats stomach ulcers and heartburn. It also increases testosterone naturally and without a prescription.

Red Clover Blossom Powder:Red clover is used for asthma, coughs, and high cholesterol. It can also achieve healthy cholesterol levels. Less bad cholesterol and more healthy cholesterol even leads to weight loss in some people.

Ironically, red clover has been shown to cause sterility and infertility in animals. It is unclear what role it is supposed to play in this testosterone booster.

Damiana Leaf Extract: Damiana is used as a natural aphrodisiac. It boosts mental and physical stamina, which can be beneficial during exercise or intimacy.

According to published studies, damiana leaves increase sex drive and relieve depression. [3]

Withania Somnifera Powder:More commonly known as ashwagandha, this plant is an “adaptogen”, which means it helps your body cope and adapt. This means faster recovery time after physical activity. It can also boost libido naturally.

Who Makes TestroVax?

Novex Biotech manufactures TestroVax and a few other supplements. Novex Biotech products receive generally high ratings on Amazon.com and GNC.com, trusted sites for real users. There aren’t a ton of TestroVax reviews yet, but the few I found were positive.

One GNC.com user named GarrettGregson says, “Solid product. Saw some signs of increased testosterone and gains at the gym.”

Novex Biotech is a reputable company, and its products seem to be effective. But with very few reviews, it is difficult to say whether or not TestroVax lives up to its manufacturer’s reputation.

Who Is TestroVax For?

TestroVax is a testosterone booster intended for use by men who actually need a testosterone boost. The official site states that this supplement is not for those under 30 or people who have adequate testosterone levels.

According to the official site, TestroVax is also not intended for bodybuilders who think more testosterone will help them look like Superman.

If you have pre-existing medical conditions including abnormal blood pressure, liver or heart disease, anxiety, or other issues, do not use TestroVax. It is best to talk to your doctor before beginning any new regimen.

What Are Some Possible Benefits?

• Natural ingredients and plant extracts
• Some proven ingredients
• Reputable manufacturer

TestroVax Drawbacks

• There is not a complete ingredient list on the official site.

• TextroVax’s proprietary blend makes it impossible to compare ingredient amounts to clinical trials.

• The official site lists a 100% money back guarantee, but the details of that guarantee aren’t written anywhere.

• Testrovax is pretty expensive, retailing around $70 per month.

Is TestroVax Safe?

TestroVax contains natural plant extracts, which means fewer side effects than other options. There are, howerver, some uncommon side effects associated with TestroVax ingredients:

Licorice – high blood pressure, weakness, low potassium
Red Clover – rash, muscle ache, headache, nausea
Ashwagandha – upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting

However, if you take TestroVax as recommended, you shouldn’t experience these side effects.

TestroVax Cost

Each package comes with 90 tablets, which is a 30-day supply.

NovexBiotech.com: $69.99
GNC.com: $49.99
Amazon.com: $69.99

Is There a Guarantee?

Because no supplements work for everyone, it is important to know return policies and guarantees. Novex Biotech lists a 100% money back guarantee, but they don’t list any of the specifics to get your money back.

This is a red flag because companies that trust in their products list full return policies and guarantees.
There is a number to contact: 1-800-559-1383, but this doesn’t mean much.

If you buy TestroVax, I suggest buying from Amazon or GNC, both of which have comprehensive return policies.

Final Thoughts

TestroVax may be a good option for aging men with low testosterone. It is not meant to be a super strong muscle-boosting supplement for bodybuilders. But its natural ingredients may boost libido and improve testosterone levels.

TextroVax comes from a reputable manufacturer with good reviews. However, without listed ingredient amounts, it is impossible to tell whether or not TestroVax amounts match those used in research. You’re better off choosing a testosterone supplement with more verified results.


[1] “Red wine’s reservatrol may help battle obesity.” Fisher-Posovszky. University of Ulm Diabetes and Obesity Unit. Available from: https://www.endo-society.org/media/ENDO-08/research/Red-wines-resveratrol.cfm

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[3] Available from: https://www.livestrong.com/article/264061-benefits-of-damiana-leaves/

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